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Situated in the Lesser Antilles, the island country of Barbados is a leading tourist destination in the Caribbean. Since becoming independent from Britain in 1966, Barbados has thrived with its well- developed economy providing a high standard of living for its locals and has become the 53rd richest country in the world. Barbados has a rich and diverse culture, with many carnivals and festivals taking place throughout the year.

Barbados Highlights

The island of Barbados is a vibrant hub just bursting with activities. One of the most breathtaking places to see is Harrison’s Cave, a unique and spectacular natural cave where visitors can view towering columns that have been formed over millions of years. Visitors can look at some of the world’s largest natural crystals and purchase crafts made by the local people.


The capital city of Bridgetown is the largest city in Barbados and features a variety of stunning colonial architecture beaches. If you fancy doing something a little bit different during your stay, why not take the plunge and participate in a deep-sea fishing trip? Or you could visit the fascinating Nidhe Israel Museum, which allows viewers to learn all about the history of the Jewish community on the island.

If you choose to visit Barbados in the first week of August, then you may be lucky enough to visit the world famous Bridgetown market. The smells of traditional Bajan food and the musical sound of steel drums will overpower your senses. There is also the Grand Kadooment bank holiday around this time too, which you can experience in a colourful haze of vibrant costumes, traditional music and a selection of different rums!


As it is so close the equator, Barbados enjoys a subtropical climate. This means that the temperature is warm to hot all year round, with a range of around 21 to 31 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Like the rest of the Caribbean, Barbados has a wet and a dry season. The best time to visit the island is from December through to May, as this is when Barbados tends to experience less rain.

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