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Luxury Caribbean Cruise Holidays

Sail into paradise on a luxury cruise holiday across the Caribbean. Mesmeric beaches, crystalline waters and days of endless sunshine make this phenomenal region an absolute dream destination for every type of traveller. Whether you’re planning to explore Western or Eastern Caribbean shores, you are sure to be treated to some of the most spectacular exotic scenery you will ever set eyes on. Ports of call such as Jamaica, the Bahamas, Mexico, Barbados, St Lucia and Antigua are sure to captivate the senses, with unbelievable attractions, amazing cuisines and fascinating cultures all waiting to be discovered.

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Fall in love with the beauty of the Caribbean during an unforgettable luxury cruise holiday. This glorious destination has it all, boasting exotic delights aplenty and sensational tropical weather in absolutely every port of call.
Stretch out on heavenly palm-fringed beaches, take the plunge to discover spectacular coral reefs, explore wondrous ancient ruins and be left spellbound by captivating paradisiacal scenery. You’ll also find a myriad of incredible excursions, enriching activities and fabulous sporting facilities. What’s more, this phenomenal region is home to an array of wildlife, as well as being rich in history. Whatever your Caribbean cravings, there’s a cruise itinerary to suit all your holiday needs and desires. Chart a course around the glistening seas of the Western Caribbean, where stops include Jamaica, Grand Cayman, the Bahamas and Mexico.  Or maybe an island-hopping adventure around Eastern Caribbean shores would be more to your liking, with the option to visit islands such as Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia and Aruba to name but a few. Each port of call offers something different, with unique cultures, exciting attractions and inspiring sights to enjoy in every single one
You will also be able to treat your taste buds to a spectrum of authentic Caribbean flavours and exotic infusions. Whether you’re craving an unforgettable family getaway, moments of pure relaxation, thrilling activities or ultimate romance, a luxury Caribbean cruise ticks all the boxes and promises to make all your holiday dreams come true.

Food & Drink

The delights of Caribbean cuisine are not to be missed, with the culinary creations served across this enchanting region offering a world of flavour sure to tantalise the taste buds. Fusing an array of global ingredients and cooking techniques, the exotic fare on offer packs plenty of punch.

Spicy jerk meats, traditional stews and mouth-watering curries are just a few of the wonderful dishes on the menu in the Caribbean. Travellers can also enjoy a variety of delicious fresh fruit, such as mango, papaya and guava, and feast on superb seafood.

When it comes to beverages, the Caribbean is renowned for its rum. Distilleries can be found on a number of islands, with some welcoming visitors to take a tour and even sample the popular product.

Best Time

The best time for a luxury Caribbean cruise holiday truly depends on you, with spectacular weather whatever the season and beautiful sugar-soft beaches and crystal-clear tropical waters waiting to welcome you the whole year through.
If your preference is for sizzling sunshine, then the months of June, July and August are ideal, as temperatures in some ports of call can reach 32°C. To beat the crowds, however, you may wish to opt for a cruise in the quieter summer months of May or June. Another popular time to visit the Caribbean is during the height of festival season, in the spring. This is a great option for anyone who likes to party and wants to sample the intoxicating music and tantalising cuisine on offer during these colourful celebrations. If winter sun is more your thing, then the months of November and December still have plenty to offer, with warm weather, crowd-free beaches and some superb cruise deals to be had.

Things To See and Do

Unrivalled natural beauty, unforgettable adventures and unique attractions can all be enjoyed during a luxury cruise holiday in the Caribbean. Every itinerary offers travellers the chance to embrace awe-inspiring experiences in some of the world’s most enchanting tropical destinations, making magical memories at every stop. .
 Incredible scenery can be found right across this intoxicating region, with the paradisiacal vistas of Seven-Mile Beach, in Jamaica, and Crane Beach, in Barbados, along with the stunning Pitons of St Lucia, among the most spectacular sights. Visitors can also climb stunning waterfalls, snorkel or scuba dive amidst colourful coral reefs and zipline through lush tropical rainforests. If history is more your thing, you can step back in time to visit ancient Mayan ruins on Mexico’s Riviera Maya or explore colonial forts, churches and fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites in destinations right across the glorious Caribbean.

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