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Cruises from the UK

Why bother with the hassle of taking a flight to meet your cruise ship elsewhere in the world, when you can set sail from the UK itself on your magical adventure on the waves? This fuss-free option lets you avoid the stresses and strains associated with busy airports, instead allowing you to get down to some serious relaxation, fun and entertainment the moment you board your floating hotel for the cruise holiday of a lifetime. Southampton is the most popular port for embarking on your cruise, while other options include Portsmouth, Falmouth, Liverpool, Dover, Glasgow and Belfast. You can sail to hundreds of enchanting destinations around the world including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, USA and Canada, South America and Asia, while there’s also the option to stay closer to home and enjoy a wonderful cruise around the coast of the UK itself.

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Cruises from the UK

Choosing to set sail directly from the UK is a great idea if you want to get your cruise holiday off to a fantastic hassle-free start. There are so many benefits from choosing a cruise which sails from UK waters, commonly referred to as No-Fly Cruises and Ex UK Cruises. This is the perfect way to avoid the stressful airport hustle, bustle, queues and baggage check-ins associated with a cruise requiring a flight to get to your ship. More and more travellers are opting for a flight-free start to their cruise holiday experience by departing from the UK on ships bound for a myriad of destinations around the globe including Northern Europe and the fjords, the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, USA, Canada, Asia and Australia.
There really is no limit to where you can cruise to from the UK – it can even be the starting point for a sensational once-in-a-lifetime world cruise. Southampton, the cruise capital of the UK, is by far the most popular port to depart from, but there are other options available including Portsmouth, Dover, Liverpool, Glasgow, Greenock, Dundee, Harwich, Falmouth, Rosyth (Edinburgh), Bristol, Newcastle Upon Tyne and Belfast. Exciting sports and leisure amenities, fine dining experiences, lavish cabin accommodation and impeccable hospitality and service are among the delights which await when you set sail on your voyage of discovery.
Your ship will visit fascinating ports of call during your cruise holiday, offering the chance to marvel at the beauty and wonders of the part of the world you are exploring. There's also the option for a sea-faring adventure on your own doorstep, with a range of standard or mini cruises available around the coast of the British Isles, with the chance to drop anchor and visit captivating cities and attractions along the way in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Food & Drink

Discover flavours and aromas from around the globe during an exhilarating cruise experience which gets underway from the UK. Spicy curries, hearty stews, fresh seafood, heavenly pasta dishes, wholesome soups, tasty tagines, scrumptious pastries, sizzling barbecued meats and healthy vegetarian creations are just a few of choices you’ll discover when your ship stops at a port of call and allows you to immerse yourself the culture of an exciting destination.

Enjoy the mouth-watering fresh fruits and vegetables which are native to the part of the planet you are visiting and sample a kaleidoscope of indulgent desserts and popular national drinks. There are hundreds of delicious cuisines around the world just waiting to be savoured during a cruise – Thai, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, British, Lebanese, German, Greek, Mediterranean, Cajan, Turkish, Hungarian, Caribbean and American are just a few of the choices available.

You’ll also dine in a myriad of fabulous restaurants on board your ship where the culinary joys will send you taste buds wild with delight, with creative cocktails, inventive smoothies and other wonderful beverages also adding to the pleasure. Some ships even operate a range of special dining experiences including exclusive invitation-only meals, dedicated menus for children and an in-room service where you can enjoy a romantic meal served on your cabin balcony.

Best Time

There’s always somewhere in the world which is perfect for a fabulous cruise at a time of year that suits you. Winter, spring, summer and autumn are all options for setting sail from the UK for a thrilling ocean-faring adventure. There’s something to suit the needs of every type of traveller, whether you want to wrap up well to explore the attractions during a magical cruise experience in icy Antarctica or don your shorts and sunglasses for a laid-back time in the sun-kissed Caribbean.
If you want to get a great deal on a cruise, it’s worth considering visiting your destination of choice during the shoulder months between the main seasons when prices will be lower, crowds will be smaller and queues will be shorter for key attractions when you visit popular ports of call and big cities. Generally speaking, November to March is a good time for a cruise in Asia, June to August is a great period for Alaska, late November through March is good for Australia, while September and October is a good time to visit Canada and New England. December to Mid-April is an appealing time for a Caribbean cruise, April to November is an excellent time to sail around Europe, February to mid-April is good for the Mexican Riviera and November through March is a great choice for a cruise in South America.

Things To See and Do

The world really is your oyster when you depart from the UK on a magical cruise adventure – you can sail the seven seas to discover everything our wonderful planet has to offer. Marvel at the amazing wildlife of Asia, immerse yourself in the laid-back culture of the Caribbean, explore the big city attractions in Europe or gaze in awe at the icy wonders of the Arctic and Antarctica. You can even opt for an unforgettable world cruise and take in the jawdropping delights of several spellbinding continents. Towering mountain ranges, enchanting desert landscapes, glistening lakes, beautiful beaches, tropical jungles and sapphire ocean waters are among the phenomenal natural wonders you’ll encounter when you visit a port of call to explore an awe-inspiring destination.
Then there’s the many enthralling cities, towns and quaint villages steeped in history and culture, as well as diverse cuisines, national attractions and architectural landmarks. You’ll also find plenty of amenities on board your ship when you’re not lazing by the pool or relaxing with a good book and cocktail in a comfy lounger. Sumptuous spas, lively lounge bars, cutting-edge gyms, upper deck jogging tracks, games rooms, water sports galore and packed programmes of live evening entertainment are just a few of the delights which await on these magnificent vessels which deliver spectacular holidays on the waves.

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