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Australia and New Zealand Cruises

Chart a course for the other side of the world to discover the wonders of Australia and New Zealand. A luxury cruise around these two exhilarating destinations promises to inspire and enrich, offering unbelievable natural beauty and endless attractions. Choose from a variety of unique itineraries and visit the ports of call of your choice, enjoying once-in-a lifetime excursions and activities each time you drop anchor. Explore spellbinding coral reefs, walk barefoot across dazzling tropical beaches, trek through lush rainforests, scale towering mountains and gaze across vast deserts. You’ll also discover wondrous wildlife, fascinating cultures, world-famous landmarks and food and drink to please every palate.

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Australia & New Zealand Overview

A world of pure delight awaits down under when you set sail on a luxury cruise holiday around Australia and New Zealand. These two supreme nations are home to an abundance of world-famous sights, unrivalled natural scenery and sensational activities, while also offering endless opportunities for action, relaxation, romance and rejuvenation. The ports of call around Australia provide a myriad of attractions to discover, with each one offering something different and completely unique.
Seek out tropical beauty and wild wonders in Cairns, explore iconic landmarks and legendary beaches in Sydney, and immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture almost anywhere across this amazing country. The islands of the Whitsundays are sure to take your breath away, while trips to Uluru, The Blue Mountains and The Great Barrier Reef should also be on your sightseeing wish list.
Enriching excursions and unforgettable adventures can also be enjoyed in New Zealand. A stop in the multi-cultural hub of Auckland will give you a chance to discover a diverse urban environment, delve into New Zealand’s rich Maori heritage and explore beaches, volcanoes and picturesque islands all within easy reach of the city. Elsewhere, you’ll find geysers, bubbling mud pools and volcanic craters in Roturua; rugged fjords, dramatic waterfalls and towering peaks in Milford Sound on the South Island, and wild rivers, verdant rainforests and rugged glaciers on the unspoilt West Coast. If that’s not enough, New Zealand is also the home of Hobbiton, with The Shire movie set from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit located close to the town of Matamata. No matter where your cruise adventure takes you, you’re sure to come home with magical memories of the wonders of down under.

Food & Drink

Forget all about bush tucker and barbecues, as the culinary options of Australia and New Zealand are as diverse as they are delicious. From magnificent meats and flavoursome fish dishes, to perfect pies and irresistible cakes, the land down under serves up a variety of mouth-watering treats to please every palate.

All can be washed down with one of Australia or New Zealand’s world-class wines or legendary beers. If prime cuts tempt your taste buds, you might wish to seek out some delicious New Zealand lamb. Alternatively, you may prefer to sample the delights of kangaroo. Considered one of the healthiest meats around, kangaroo has more protein and iron than beef, has less fat and is a good source of Omega-3. If that still doesn’t float your boat, you’ll find a host of superb seafood dishes to choose from in every port of call.

Cakes and dessert are also popular in Australia and New Zealand, with both nations laying claim to inventing the pavlova. Another notable sweet treat popular down under is the Lamington, which is regarded as the national cake of Oz and features sponge covered in chocolate and desiccated coconut.

Best Time

The best time to enjoy a cruise holiday in Australia or New Zealand is completely up to you, with factors such as ports of call, weather and crowds all to be taken into consideration. Both destinations can be visited all-year round with the various seasons providing opportunities to enjoy different activities and changing scenery.
However, if your preference is for glorious sunshine, it is best to plan your cruise to coincide with the southern hemisphere’s summer, which takes place between December and February. During this period, average maximum temperatures in New Zealand range between 20°C and 30°C, while Australia sees average daily temperatures from 20°C to 37°C in the major cities. This time of year is also peak season, so if you would prefer to avoid busy beaches, it might be worth choosing a quieter time for your cruise. Destinations in northern Australia, including the resorts along the coast of Queensland, offer sunshine all-year round. If you’re hoping to visit other areas, the periods from March to May and September to November are also great options, with the weather warming up as summer approaches, or cooling down with winter on the horizon.

Things To See and Do

Unique experiences and awe-inspiring attractions are waiting to be enjoyed at every single port of call in both Australia and New Zealand. No matter where your chosen itinerary takes you, you’re guaranteed to be treated to jaw-dropping natural wonders, thrilling activities, an abundance of cultural treasures and unbelievable fauna and flora.
Prepare to be left breathless by world-famous beaches such as Bondi, Noosa, Whitehaven and Surfers Paradise. Take in the dramatic scenery of one of many glorious national parks. Or go in search of incredible wildlife. You can also snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, embrace unforgettable indigenous experiences and revive your senses with a dip in a rejuvenating hot spring. And let’s not forget the iconic landmarks, shopping venues and dining destinations in ports of call such as Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Hobart, in Australia, and Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, in New Zealand. All of this and more awaits down under on a magical Australia and New Zealand cruise holiday.

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