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Discover the beauty and wonder of the magical North American territory during the cruise holiday adventure of a lifetime. This vast 49th state of the USA is home to glistening glaciers, huge parks and trails, enchanting wildlife and the spellbinding Northern Lights. You’ll be wowed by ancient ice rivers, towering mountains and gigantic ice walls including the twin Sawyer Glaciers and Hubbard Glacier. Denali National Park will take your breath away with its tranquil lakes, raging rivers and verdant valleys, while Alaska’s incredible wildlife includes bears, reindeer, sea otters, mountain goats, whales and seals. You’ll savour delicious fresh seafood dishes in superb city dining venues and find plenty of night clubs, jazz bars and glitzy lounges where you can enjoy some lively evening entertainment.   

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Amazing Alaska is a dream come true for couples, families and groups of friends yearning for an unforgettable cruise holiday experience in awe-inspiring surroundings. Imposing ice walls, snowcapped mountains, jawdropping landscapes and icy bays and fjords which are home to humpback whales are among the wonders waiting to be discovered in this vast wilderness, dubbed The Last Frontier.
Cruising around the magical Alaskan coast will leave you spellbound as you observe enthralling tidewater glaciers, majestic whales breaching at dusk and grizzly bears foraging in tidal flats. Put your boots on for a hiking adventure in taiga pine forests, sail past mesmerising glaciers, cycle along Anchorage’s Coastal Trail or gaze in awe at Denali Mountain, North America’s tallest peak in the beautiful Denali National Park. You can also enjoy a thrilling helicopter tour which will offer bird’s eye views of captivating natural landmarks including the Great Gorge, Knik River and Whiteout Glacier. This magnificent north American state is also home to an abundance of fascinating wildlife including brown and black bears, humpback whales, moose, bald eagles and sea lions.
There’s plenty going in the three main cities of Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks, with superb restaurants offering delicious traditional cuisine, excellent sales tax free shops and a myriad of chill out lounges, night clubs and live music venues for some exciting entertainment after dark. The cities are also home to modern art galleries and museums, bustling farmer’s markets and enthralling cultural attractions. This magnificent north American state also boasts an abundance of fascinating wildlife, including brown and black bears, humpback whales, moose, bald eagles and sea lions. There can be no denying that Alaska really hits the bullseye when it comes to delivering the cruise holiday of a lifetime which is packed with fun and adventure.

Food & Drink

You’ll discover a myriad of delicious dishes to sample in Alaska, with reindeer sausage, yak meat, king crab and fresh oysters among the gastronomic delights you’ll discover. The northernmost and westernmost state in the United States is home to an incredible 3 million lakes and a lengthy coastline, so it’s no surprise that fish figures prominently on many Alaskan menus. Rainbow trout, chinook salmon, ling cod, yelloweye rockfish and Pacific halibut are among the catches available.

Alaska’s rich glacial soils are also perfect for growing delicious vegetables and fruits, with blueberries and cabbage among the highly-regarded produce. Reindeer dogs are the Alaskan take on traditional hot dogs, while Akataq (also known as Eskimo ice cream) is made by whipping the fat from hunted animals and mixing it with wild berries and snow.

The Alaska Cocktail is a popular drink featuring gin, chartreuse, orange bitters and lemon twist. You’ll also discover many craft breweries which produce top-quality beer.

Best Time

Alaska is open for travel all year round but a great time to visit is in the summer months between mid-June and mid-September when the days are long and warm. The warmest month is July when the average daily high is 20°C. It is also the time when wildlife has emerged from winter hibernation and most of the national parks and major attractions are open to visitors. Alaska is a vast expanse where the weather is very unpredictable and can vary significantly between the coast and interior, and north and south. .
This spellbinding destination is also home to the Midnight Sun from April to August when you can gaze in awe at the sun setting at midnight – wearing sunglasses, of course! Alaska’s cold season lasts from November to March, with the coldest month being January which has an average low of -10.56°C and high of -4.44°C.

Things To See and Do

There’s never a dull moment during a cruise holiday in Alaska, with a multitude of fabulous things to see and do. Head off on a whale-watching adventure aboard a jet boat in Auke Bay, view the jawdropping sights below you on a chartered helicopter tour or enjoy a rainforest, waterfalls and glaciers trek in Juneau. Another great idea is to join the Skagway Yukon Discovery and Dog Tour where the huskies will transport you around the vast wildernesses. Denali National Park is a fascinating 6-million-acre attraction which is home to spruce forests, glaciers, grizzly bears, wolves, caribou and North America’s tallest peak.
You can also consider kayaking down the icy waters of Glacier Bay National Park or ziplining across the treetop canopy in Gulf Islands National Park. Alaska also offers the opportunity to witness the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), a phenomenal natural light display in the sky. The Alaskan city of Fairbanks is regarded by many as the best place in the United States to view this amazing natural marvel. Other key attractions include Alaska’s largest city Anchorage, Denali Star Train, Alaska Zoo, Hubbard Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park and Aurora Ice Museum. Popular outdoor pursuits in Alaska include ice fishing, hiking, canoeing, river rafting, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, sea kayaking, glacier walks and snowmobile riding.

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