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Destinations that will excite, inspire and enchant are waiting to be discovered on a luxury cruise holiday in Asia. The nations of this intoxicating region are blessed with unrivalled natural beauty, and offer a myriad of sublime attractions, as well as tantalising culinary creations and a melting pot of cultures. Each itinerary promises something different, with exciting ports of call to be explored in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, South Korea, Singapore and Indonesia. From futuristic cities and awe-inspiring landmarks to exhilarating landscapes and unforgettable activities, a luxury Asian cruise holiday is a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed.

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The largest continent on Earth, Asia is a dream come true for would-be adventurers. Spellbinding scenery, magnificent monuments, wondrous wildlife and mega metropolises can all be discovered in the lands of this incredible region, and there’s no better way to do so than on a once-in-a-lifetime luxury cruise holiday. Each itinerary offers something different, with a myriad of inspiring ports of call to choose from and enriching shore excursions to enjoy.
Savour a taste of the tropics sailing around Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, taking in beautiful beaches, glorious golden temples, lush landscapes and intoxicating cityscapes. Embrace the buzz of Bangkok, relax on the beach in Bali, or gaze in wonder at the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur. Further north, the shores of Vietnam have plenty to offer in the way of history, culture and cuisine. Explore the country’s turbulent past in Ho Chi Minh, or cruise into Halong Bay to enjoy the beauty of this enchanting UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring amazing limestone rock formations rising out of the emerald waters. Cambodia is another captivating destination, and the majestic temples of Angkor Wat are an incredible sight to behold, appearing amidst the verdant jungle scenery close to the city of Siem Reap.
The magic of Asia doesn’t stop there, however, with still more to explore in ports of call along the coasts of China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan and South Korea. The futuristic cities of Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai are sure to dazzle, while Beijing, Manilla, Taipei and Hiroshima offer much in the way of history, culture and architecture. Each and every Asia cruise destination offers something extraordinary. Choose the itinerary that’s perfect for you and chart a course for a land full of beauty and wonder.   

Food & Drink

A luxury cruise in Asia promises a spectrum of wonderful flavours and unbelievable cuisines. From sensational sushi and sake in Japan, to delicious dim sum and dumplings in China, there’s an endless menu of traditional delicacies to enjoy wherever you choose to visit.

Set sail to Thailand for tantalising curries and pad Thai, or stop off in Vietnam for fabulous pho. Sip on Singapore Slings in, well, Singapore, or snack on satay in Indonesia. Whether you like a touch of spice, a sweet treat or a satisfying savoury bite, you’ll find all this and more in the restaurants, cafes and street food stalls that await in every port of call.

So, chart a course for Asia and discover the delectable dishes and mouthwatering culinary creations on the menu right across this captivating continent.

Best Time

The best time for a luxury Asian cruise holiday is completely down to preference, depending on where you wish to visit and the activities and scenery you want to enjoy. If Japan forms part of your cruise agenda, you might wish to time your stop to coincide with blossoming cherry, sakura or plum trees in the spring. Alternatively, the autumn months of September to November provide another spectacle of colour, with Japanese maples, ginkgos and ash trees turning yellow, orange, red and purple.
Anyone wishing to visit nations further south, such as Vietnam and Cambodia, may seek to avoid the monsoon season from May to October. This also coincides with the summer months when the weather can be uncomfortably hot and humid. A better time to drop anchor in these destinations is from November to April, when temperatures are cooler and you are less likely to experience rain. This is also a great time to chart a course for the beaches of Thailand, being the warmest and driest period of the year in the Land of Smiles.      

Things To See and Do

Exhilarating sights and inspiring attractions are waiting to be discovered at every stop on your Asia cruise adventure. From captivating temples and magnificent landmarks, to natural wonders and futuristic cities, this magnificent continent has to be experienced to be believed. Wherever your cruise itinerary takes you, you are sure to discover scenery, structures and shrines that will take your breath away. Bask in the sun on the palm-fringed beaches of Thailand, Bali or Vietnam. Be dazzled by the futuristic skyscrapers of Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.
Explore historic landmarks in Hiroshima, Ho Chi Minh or Beijing. No matter where you drop anchor, you’re sure to be amazed by the phenomenal attractions on offer. You can also go in search of incredible wildlife, seek out some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes, trek up towering volcanoes and gaze on glittering palaces. Whatever your preference, your Asia cruise holiday will be full of magical moments that will be remembered forever.

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