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The Best Beaches in Sri Lanka

Located off the coast of southern India, Sri Lanka is an island nation that’s packed full of breathtaking scenery, crumbling ancient cities, magnificent golden Buddhas and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
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The Nine Natural Wonders of Mexico

Mexico is a place with hidden depths. If you’re looking for beaches and sunshine, then this country has it in spades. But for an unforgettable adventure involving underwater sinkholes, petrified waterfalls, coral reefs and diverse ecosystems, this country has it all. We could have chosen from hundreds of natural wonders, but here are just some of our favourite spots that you should try and visit on a holiday to Mexico.
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Best Holiday Destinations for January

Often referred to as the “Monday of months", January is quite often a grey, bleak time here in the UK. December festivities have ended and most of the population are braving the cold weather and returning to work after a week off. But elsewhere in the world the weather is HOT and the smiles are aplenty, so why not jet off on a January holiday to one of these fabulous far-flung destinations?
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An Essential Guide to Family Holidays at Atlantis The Palm

Planning a family holiday to Dubai’s iconic Atlantis The Palm hotel, can be overwhelming with so many exciting things to do. Here’s our handy guide to help you make the most of your family trip.
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Bali or Thailand: where should you go?

So, what’s better, Thailand or Bali? Which one of these two tropical paradises takes the lead as the most beautiful? The best value for money? The most romantic place to spend your first weeks of post-nuptial bliss?
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