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Situated in the West Indies section of the Caribbean, the small island of Antigua was a British colony until 1981, which is why a lot of its culture and architecture has British influence. The island of Antigua is actually the largest of the twin-island country of Antigua and Barbuda, which has a population of just over eighty thousand.

It’s little wonder that tourism is the main contributor to the economy of Antigua. With long white beaches, a sub tropical climate and welcoming locals, the island is becoming an increasingly popular location for travellers and holidaymakers looking to explore and soak up the glorious Caribbean sunshine.

Antigua Highlights

There are a number of different areas to explore on the island of Antigua. English Harbour is located in the south of the island. This is a place full of history dating from when Antigua was a British colony. Visit the historic Fort Berkeley, which was used to defend the harbour in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. Perhaps the most famous attraction of English Harbour is Nelson’s Dockyard – a cultural heritage site where you can see historical pieces from the dockyard’s colourful history.


The capital city of Antigua is St John’s, which has a population of around twenty-two thousand. Here you can visit the famous Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, which allows you to experience ten thousand years of Antigua’s spectacular history.

Once you have learnt all about the island, why not head over to the public market where you can buy a vast array of traditional Caribbean fruits and vegetables, as well as browse some unique boutique style shops. There is also a large arts and crafts market for you to explore nearby. If you would like to see some stunning architecture during your stay, then you must head across to the St John’s Cathedral Devine, which was first built in 1681 before being rebuilt in 1720.

Weather in Antigua

As Antigua is so close the equator, the temperature remains consistently warm throughout the year with an average of around 27 degrees Celcius. The island does not experience summers or winters but has wet and dry seasons. The best time to visit Antigua is from December to August as this is the time when you are least likely to be caught in a tropical downpour.

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