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Visions of emerald lagoons lapping sugar soft sand and swaying palm trees that cascade over the water which ripples against unique formations. Hammocks gently rocking in the breeze, splashes of colour and stylish resorts; the Seychelles is pure paradise, a collection of islands and with a few twists thrown in the mix. It’s a blend of 115 granite and coral islands in the western Indian Ocean and boasts two UNESCO World Heritage Sites; the Vallée de Mai and the Aldabra. A world of discovery awaits eager visitors to this collective island retreat that boasts a contagious mix of culture, history and heritage, and of course breathtaking vistas. Tropical forests and mountains, fishing villages and colourful festivals, an underwater world of vivid colour that’s second to none, and plenty of energetic thrills and spills for the adventure loving tourists. If all this seems a bit too much, then slowly meander through local markets, stopping to sample café cuisine before returning to the powder soft sands and wiling away the hours in the sunshine or shade. Ideal for family travel and those extra-special breaks, the Seychelles offers a superb choice of plush hotels, and budget accommodation.

3 Star Seychelles Holidays

Discover pure tropical bliss with a sublime 3-star holiday on the paradise shores of the Seychelles. Browse our range of hotels and resorts and prepare for the holiday of a lifetime.

4 Star Seychelles Holidays

The captivating beauty of the Seychelles is waiting to be experienced during a sensational 4-star holiday. Take your pick from our selection of luxury hotels and resorts and start planning your dream holiday today.

5 Star Seychelles Holidays

Succumb to complete relaxation during the holiday of your dreams in the Seychelles. We have an array of lavish 5-star hotels and resorts for you to choose from.

Pristine beauty that will satiate the senses of every visitor, the Seychelles is a breathtaking array of sights and sounds, flora and fauna, coral atolls and reef islets. Walking and hiking trails, island hopping, shopping, beach life and cultural events, there’s plenty of choice. From diving and sailing to golf and horse-riding, island beauty can be enjoyed at every turn. If culture and society is your primary interest then enjoy the many displays of folklore, traditions, cuisine and of course colonial architecture, from a melting pot of people creating a vibrant diversity that’s more than welcoming and tranquil.

  • During your stay stop by Eustache Sarde’s House, one of the last remaining houses showcasing timber design from the 1900’s.
  • Traditional creole culture is on show at the Craft Village Domaine de Val des Prés
  • Art galleries are located in the likes of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.
  • Jewellery, in particular ‘Black Pearls’ can be purchased from Praslin Island.
  • Cousin Island Special Reserve is an example of eco-tourism and definitely worth a visit if you’re in tune with nature.
  • Sprawled over an acre of land at Anse L’Union, visit the national monument Granite Boulder, one of the Seychelles’ natural wonders.
  • Marine Parks, in particular Ile Cocos is the picture that defines the beauty of the Seychelles’ and you’ll love it here.
  • There’s exotic flower gardens in Maheé
  • From beach bars to fine dining, there’s a fusion of flavour in the Seychelles

Seychelles’ beaches are among the finest in the world, offering powdery soft sand, emerald waters and paradisaical scenery.

Whether seeking relaxation, waters sports or pure beauty, the seductive shores of Mahe, La Digne, Fregate, Silhouette and Praslin, along with the other stunning islands of the Seychelles, offer all of this and much more besides.

Indeed, this idyllic Indian Ocean destination offers beach holiday options for both families and couples, with seaside activities for travellers of all ages and luxury hotels and resorts to suit absolutely every need. Discover what’s on offer in the way of 3-star, 4-star and 5-star accommodation and book your dream holiday to the Seychelles today with

Carnival of Victoria

This 3-day event takes place across the island of Mahe, in February, with a host of floats, parades and special events celebrating the unique cultures that have shaped the Seychelles.

Independence Day

The Seychelles’ Independence Day falls on June 29, the day in 1976 when the nation gained independence from the UK. Visitors to the island can expect fireworks, singing and dancing galore during the celebrations to mark the occasion.

Creole Festival

Taking place in October, on the island of Mahe, the annual Creole Festival is one of the most important dates in the Seychelles calendar. Spanning a number of days, the event is a celebration of the Creole way of life, with dance, music, art and cuisine all on the menu.

The Feast of Assumption

Known to local as Lafet La Digue, The Feast of Assumption is a Catholic festival that takes place on the island of La Digue, on August 15 every year. Celebrations include an open-air mass at ‘La Grotto’, a traditional procession, street parties, cultural activities, live music and food stalls.

Combining aspects of French, Indian and Asian cooking, traditional Seychellois Creole cuisine is full of colour and flavour.

One of the most popular dishes, is grilled fish or octopus. Served with a sauce of crushed chillies, ginger and garlic, this spicy favourite is well worth seeking out.

An array of delicious curries is also on the menu across the Seychelles. These can be served with chatini – a type of local chutney made using fruits such as papaya or apples.

For a tasty dessert, try a Ladob. This soft and creamy treat is made by boiling sweet potatoes and ripe plantain in coconut milk. Nutmeg, sugar and vanilla are then added for extra deliciousness.

As well as a spectrum of tantalising Creole fare, visitors to the Seychelles will also find an array of international restaurants serving dishes to suit every palate.

Best Time To Visit Seychelles

This year round destination is perfect for beach lovers since the climate offers sun and warmth throughout the annual calendar. Temperatures remain between 24°C and 32°C with annual rainfall occurring mainly between December and February. Due to this, it can be quite humid through to April. The islands themselves are outside of the cyclone belt; all bar the most remote southern islands. May to October provides the dry weather and slightly cooler temperatures.

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Seychelles Locations & Where To Stay

Here is a selection of the most popular holiday destinations:

Seychelles Holiday Options

Seychelles is the perfect destination for a spectrum of holiday types, from family holidays to romantic breaks for couples, the beauty of the island lends itself to all.

All-inclusive is a great choice for couples, families and groups of friends holidaying in the fabulous Seychelles. This type of holiday means all your drinks and meals are paid-for in advance, meaning you can get on with having a fantastic sunshine adventure, rather than having to constantly keep an eye on your spending. Some hotels also include a range of extras such as free use of sports and leisure facilities, VIP services in your room and complimentary use of water sports equipment.
There’s never a dull moment on a family holiday in the fabulous Seychelles. From fun and games on the magnificent sandy beaches to snorkelling below the waves to discover the marine life on the coral reefs, the Seychelles are a place of wonder and excitement. You’ll discover incredible nature reserves, captivating jungles and dozens of enchanting islands to explore. There are no dangerous animals or plants on the Seychelles so it really is a family-safe getaway.
The sensational Seychelles really hit the bullseye when it comes to giving couples an unforgettable holiday experience. Powdery sandy beaches, swaying palms, glistening waters and jaw-dropping coral reefs create magical memories that will last a lifetime. Romantic strolls along the sands, relaxing dinners by moonlight and the chance to renew your wedding vows in a charming beachfront setting are among the delights holidaying couples can enjoy in this paradise destination.
The Seychelles are the ideal destination for anyone craving a luxury holiday in a sun-soaked Indian Ocean paradise. Opulent hotels and resorts with up-market amenities, designer shopping malls, fashionable night spots and fine dining restaurants make this paradise getaway completely irresistible. Add to this the heavenly sandy beaches, towering palm trees, glistening azure waters and enchanting coral reefs for the perfect sunshine escape.

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