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Phan Thiet

Situated on the southeastern coast of Vietnam, the port city of Phan Thiet is a bustling mix of colourful harbours, stunning beaches and stunning landscapes, and has been a popular tourist spot since the 1990s.

The area is still relatively unspoilt, with minimal traffic and clearly distinguishable areas, all with different characteristics.

Phan Thiet Central Market is a must see, with an array of fresh fruit, spices and cheap food all on offer, and the beaches are a world away from some of the resort towns on the Vietnamese coast, guaranteeing peace and quiet for anyone in search of a spot of sun worshipping.

But one of the standout benefits of a holiday to Phan Thiet is that it feels like you’ve just discovered it. While there are many tourist traps in and around Vietnam, this area feels very much under the radar, and your chance to experience a quieter, more laid back side to the country.


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Phan Thiet

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Phan Thiet

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Phan Thiet

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Phan Thiet

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A heavenly beachside location and laid-back tropical atmosphere make the Blue Ocean Resort, in Phan Thiet, an ideal choice for pure relaxation during an incredible Vietnam adventure. Surrounded by mesmerising natural beauty, you’ll enjoy a...

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Phan Thiet

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Phan Thiet Highlights

Apart from providing some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises in south east Asia, Phan Thiet provides so much beauty and incredible scenery for visitors.

Holidays in Phan Thiet include being able to paddle in the Fairy Stream. Leave your shoes at the base, and walk through this hidden stream which weaves through limestone formations in hues of orange and pink, verdant green woodland and past fishing villages before you reach a dramatic waterfall.

There are some amazing sand dunes around Phan Thiet and Mui Ne that are situated next to the beach. Once you get there, you may feel like you’re in the desert until you hear the crash of the ocean. Tour the scenery on a quad bike and feel the wind in your hair.

Alternatively, check out the incredible Prince’s Castle, which sits atop a deserted French estate on Ong Hoang Hill. Built by Duke De Montpensier in 1911, all that remains is the old tower and several military bunkers. Nearby, the Ph Shanu Cham Towers and the tomb of Vietnamese poet Han Mac Tu lie.

Phan Thiet Weather

While Phan Thiet benefits from year round sunshine, the best time to visit is between November and April. The wet season is from May to October – but despite this, rainfall is relatively low during this time.

While a perfect winter sun destination, Destination2 offers great deals on package holidays to Phan Thiet throughout the year.

Beach Holidays in Phan Thiet

You’ll discover plenty of inviting sandy expanses in Phan Thiet which will ensure any beach holiday is an unforgettable experience.

This awe-inspiring city, with its delightful fishing port, wonderful markets and superb seafood restaurants, is a sensational getaway in the sun.

You’ll be wowed by the amazing scenery and the nearby beach resort of Mui Ne is a magnet for holidaymakers seeking a feast of sun in the golden sands and azure waters.

Rang Beach is an awe-inspiring long expanse of golden sands, crystal-clear waters and towering coconut trees. This beach in the popular Mui Ne area has a host of luxurious resorts running along it 10km length where you can live the dream in stunning accommodation. There is a lovely fishing village nearby and the beach enjoys magnificent sunsets. There are also several restaurants serving delicious seafood dishes.

Doi Duong Beach is a popular sandy expanse with a wonderful huge park nearby. It is a great place to swim, relax and wander around the park. A huge amount of fern trees were planted in the area to protect the beach from winds and strong sunlight.

Thuan Quy Beach is a dreamy escape away from the crowds which is rugged and wild, with a captivating natural vibe. Lush orchards, verdant fern trees and rocky areas add to the charm of this lovely beach. The only downside is that it can take some time to reach as it is around 30km away from Phan Thiet.

Hon Rom Beach is located at the feet of Hon Rom Mountain in Long Son Commune, close to the city of Phan Thiet City. You get the best of both worlds here as there is a lively and energetic part of the beach which is ideal for families and a more secluded part which is perfect for couples seeking a romantic time on the sands. This beach is renowned for its golden sands, calm blue waters and incredible mountain views.

Events and Festivals in Phan Thiet

It’s worth checking out a local festival or major event when you are in Phan Thiet so you can immerse yourself in the culture of the region.

Mid-Autumn festival

This colourful event is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. It is a celebration by farmers to mark the end of the summer harvesting season. A host of lively events take place including the lighting of lanterns which are carried out the city.

Boat Racing Festival

This takes place annually on the second day of Lunar New Year on the Ca Ty river. It attracts thousands of spectators and features traditional boat racing and coracle racing where the competitors display incredible skills.

What to eat in Phan Thiet

You can’t fail to be impressed with the wonderful local seafood delicacies and other gastronomic delights to try during a stay in Phan Thiet.

Muc Mot Nang is fresh squid which is dried under the sun for a full day before being cooked over hot coals, which turn it yellow and create an amazing aroma. The squid is then savoured after dipping it into fish sauce with chili.

Nem Nuong is a hugely popular dish in Phan Thiet which consists of pickled pork made from a combination of pork meatloaf, pork bologna and smoked pork. It is grilled and served hot with ground peanuts, pickles and herbs. The ingredients are put into rice paper which is rolled up and dipped in fish sauce.

Lau Tha is a kind of seafood hot pot which proves a big hit with tourists. It is made with silverside fish and herring which is prepared in a broth comprising duck eggs, chilli, chopped garlic, cucumber, ginger, star fruit and spinach.

A scrumptious dessert you'll come across in seafront cafes and restaurants at Phan Thiet is tofu pudding with liquid sugar water. It is often served with ice, sugar and jasmine or spicy ginger.

There are many fabulous eating places in Phan Thiet. Among those which are highly regarded are Cham Garden Restaurant, Champa Restaurant, R’ung Forest and Jibe's Suoi Nuoc.

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