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3 Star Multicentre Holidays

Prepare for a scintillating experience when you combine a visit to the glittering city of Dubai with a heavenly escape elsewhere. Start planning your 3-star multicentre holiday today.

4 Star Multicentre Holidays

Experience the spectacular city of Dubai and one or more other wonderful destinations with a magical multicentre escape.Browse our 4-star packages and prepare to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

5 Star Multicentre Holidays

The magic of Dubai is waiting to be discovered. Experience this exceptional city, as well as other sublime destinations, as part of a phenomenal 5-star multicentre holiday.

Dubai Multicentre Holidays

Dubai holidays are all about glamour and luxury. Whether you’re seeking a lavish beach getaway or a vibrant city break, this extravagant destination is the perfect place to enjoy glorious weather, pure indulgence and a variety of fabulous attractions.

After discovering the dazzling delights of Dubai, why not jet off to experience one or more of our other phenomenal destinations. We’ve put together some exceptional 3-star, 4-star and 5-star multicentre packages to enable you to explore the world in style and make magical memories along the way.

Our Dubai Multicentre Recommendations

Destination2 travel adviser Chris suggests tying a holiday in Dubai with a break in one of our other exceptional worldwide destinations. He recommends combining a stop in Dubai with a break in Mauritius.

Chris says: “Dubai is a superb destination, full of luxury hotels and phenomenal attractions.

“You’ll also find golden beaches and plenty of glitz and glamour.

“After visiting Dubai, you might fancy something a little bit different and adding a stop in Mauritius is the perfect way to top off an unforgettable holiday and gives you the chance to experience the incredible beauty of this tropical Indian Ocean paradise.”

For more details on our Dubai with a break in Mauritius, or any of our other multicentre deals, please speak to Chris on 01244 957 714.

Another superb destination that provides a number of multicentre options for a holiday in Dubai is Thailand.

D2 travel specialist Kirsty recommends following a stop in Dubai with a break in the Thai island paradise of Phuket.

Kirsty says: “Dubai is a destination that ticks all the boxes for a sensational holiday, with something for everyone and luxury in abundance.

“Phuket, on the other hand, offers a more relaxed experience, with tropical scenery all around and pure indulgence on tap in your resort.

“Combining the two into a multicentre package creates a spectacular holiday that you are sure to remember forever.”

For more details on our Dubai and Phuket package, or any of our other Dubai or Thailand multicentre holidays, please call Kirsty on 01244 957 714.

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