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The Caribbean has long been associated with luxury holidays, honeymoons and once in a lifetime cruises. Travel through the region and you will find some of the world’s best beaches, an endless supply of sunshine and an endearing care free attitude. In short, paradise awaits you on every one of the Caribbean’s glorious islands.

Geographically, the region stretches from the USA’s southern tip, just off the coast of Miami, to the northern coast of South America, capturing destinations such as Mexico. The islands run in parallel to the Central American coast and include Tobago, The Bahamas, St Lucia, St Kitts and Jamaica.

If there’s one thing these islands have in common it’s spectacular weather, warm waters, amazing food and a welcoming atmosphere. That being said, each island is individually charming and unique in its own special way, making the Caribbean a melting pot of cultures and influences.

Our range of cheap luxury holidays to the Caribbean will take in the best parts of the islands - from the coral reefs of Barbados to the rainforests and waterfalls of St Kitts.

Things to do in the Caribbean

Holidays to the Caribbean are an experience to cherish forever. The islands provide the perfect destination for a dream getaway. The Caribbean is a place where anything is possible. Picture postcard beaches, crimson sunsets and azure waters are just some of the characteristics of this tropical paradise.

The Caribbean has always had a reputation for throwing a good party – this is the region that gave us Reggae, Ska and Calypso after all. Planning your budget luxury holiday to the Caribbean to coincide with a local island festival or national celebration is a brilliant way to experience the island’s cultural heritage first hand. You could flock to Jamaica for the country’s annual Independence Day celebrations (August 6) or a carnival, where you can expect huge sound systems and steel pan drums providing an unmistakeable party atmosphere.

Travelling with your loved ones? Family friendly budget holidays in the Caribbean are also well catered for. You’ll find plenty to do on any one of the region’s islands, including water sports, guided tours, beach activities, boat rides, water parks, historical monuments, sublime beauty spots and of course the chance to swim with dolphins! It doesn’t matter where you choose to visit for your Caribbean holiday; from an indulgent 5 star resort, to a cheaper luxury Caribbean hotel, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life. The hardest part is leaving.

Caribbean Weather

One of the best things about the Caribbean is undoubtedly the weather, which is pleasant all year round. However, as the area has a tropical climate, it’s worth noting that the weather can take a turn from time to time with the odd outbreak of rain. Hurricane season typically falls between July and November, although most resorts are well versed and prepared for such occurrences. The Caribbean’s high season tends to fall between December and April when the climate is drier.

Beach Holidays in the Caribbean

One of the biggest attractions of a luxury holiday in the Caribbean is the spellbinding beaches. From sugary-soft sands and palm-lined shores, to dreamy coves and breath-taking bays, every destination across this enchanting region is blessed with pure paradisaical beauty. Each offers something different, with options for every type of traveller.

Whether you’re craving pure sun-drenched serenity, water sports thrills aplenty or beachside bars and restaurants, you’ll find all of this and more in the Caribbean. You’ll also find a great choice of hotels located right next to the beach.

For an extra touch of luxury, why not seek out a resort with its own private beach area? Both Cancun and the Dominican Republic offer great options in the this regard, with family-friendly and adult-only options available.

If it’s captivating beauty you’re after, then St Lucia will be right up your street, with Jalousie Beach being one of the best beaches in the Caribbean for scenery, offering incredible views of the island’s famous Pitons. Barbados is another great beach holiday destination, with Crane Beach considered among the best in the world, while Jamaica’s Seven Mile Beach, in Negril, is perfect for those looking for soft white sand and crystal blue waters.

With so many captivating beaches throughout the Caribbean, whichever destination you choose, you’re sure to be left completely enchanted by the unparalleled tropical beauty that awaits your arrival.

Family Holidays in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a sensational destination for a luxury family holiday. As well as glorious weather, magnificent beaches and captivating tropical beauty, this magnificent part of the globe also offers a whole host of fun-filled attractions for visitors of all ages.

From wildlife adventures and child-friendly activities, to tasty treats and colourful carnivals, there is something for everyone in the Caribbean.

Family hotels here are also among the best in the world, with incredible facilities, superb dining options and accommodation to suit every need. Children’s clubs are also widely available, while grown-up will be able to take advantage of excellent spa and fitness amenities.

Why not discover the Caribbean for yourself? Take a look at the family-friendly hotels and resorts on offer and book your dream tropical holiday with

All-inclusive Holidays in the Caribbean

Luxury all-inclusive holidays in the Caribbean are second to none, with hotels offering exceptional dining options and an extensive list of extravagant additions to ensure an unforgettable tropical experience.

Going all-inclusive allows for a completely laid-back escape, with all your meals and drinks included in the price of your accommodation.

Whether seeking a fun-filled family holiday or a romantic break as a couple, there’s an all-inclusive hotel or resort that’s perfect for you, with luxury options available right throughout this incredible region. All offer dream holidays, with all the essentials taken care of and plenty of wonderful extras to ensure your Caribbean getaway is all you dreamt of and more.

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