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If you hear “Spain”, images of fast-paced flamenco, spiced seafood paella and buzzing coastal nightlife likely spring to mind. This imagery represents only a tiny part of the country’s colourful identity; there are so many experiences to be had in Spain, from countryside hikes and visits to beautiful rural hidden gems to festivals, city breaks, adventurous beach activities and culinary treats. The country has long been one of Europe’s most popular tourism destinations, and with good reason – such a variety of options means a perfect trip complete with a stay at one of the best resorts in Spain always proves to be an absolute treat.

Spain Highlights

Northern and Southern Spain offer two fantastically contrasting experiences for the traveller, as do the astonishing snow-covered Pyrenees in the North East of the country. In one day, you can sun yourself on a Barcelona beach, enjoy a spot of retail therapy in the city centre, and then escape for some skiing in the rolling mountains. Flanked by France and Portugal, with the northernmost tip of Morocco visible from the glorious Estrecho Natural Park in Andalucía on the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain is where two continental cultures collide – strong central European and Latin influences fuse with hints of an African vibe, lending the land an identity and attitude all of its own. The little differences are there to be celebrated – siestas during the stifling heat of midday mean that shops are open later and towns and cities continue to thrive well into the night. A strong culinary culture pervades throughout the country, with wine and seafood taking a starring role. Take a look below at the luxury Spanish holidays we have available for you today.

Spain Weather

The Spanish summer offers wonderfully hot weather, particularly in the southern regions as the land begins to taper down towards Africa. Temperatures tend to peak at 30 degrees Celsius throughout July and August. However, if you’re looking for a spot that boasts glorious weather the whole year round, the Canary Islands are sometimes known as the “Islands of the Eternal Spring” due to their pleasant temperatures and year-round sunshine. It’s not all scorching heat though – make sure to stock up on winter woollies if you’re heading towards the Pyrenees, as while the foothills are rich with greenery and pleasantly warm during the summer, the white peaks are constantly icy cold.

You'll love Spain if...

You’re looking for excellent food and drink, active and exciting nightlife, outdoor adventure or long lazy days on the beach, broken up by a refreshing afternoon siesta.