Gran Canaria

Combine a superb city break in thriving Las Palmas with an escape into some of the most astonishing areas of natural beauty and conservation you’ll ever see when you visit Gran Canaria. Many see it as its own miniature continent, as the incredible variety of landscapes you will come across during your visit must be seen to be believed. One of the more mountainous of the Canary Islands, it is also one of the most densely populated and boasts bustling urban areas as well as amazing desert beaches such as the Playa de Maspalomas.

Things to do in Gran Canaria

Photo opportunities abound in Gran Canaria, so don’t forget your camera and try to find time for as much sightseeing as you can! The jagged, monolithic rock formations situated in Tejeda – a municipality in the centre of the island – are incredible to behold. Vegueta, the historical district of Las Palmas, is also incredibly beautiful as well as being only a stone’s throw away from the modern city centre where you can enjoy a little shopping and a visit to the excellent local bars and restaurants. Gran Canaria’s beaches are also a major draw for visitors, not simply because there are so many, but also because of the wonderful variety they offer. From the sprawling, desert-like Playa de Maspalomas to the gorgeous man-made Anfi del Mar, there seems to be a beach to suit every tastes, with dozens of activities such as diving, snorkelling and surfing to choose from. The island also has a thriving culinary scene, and produces excellent wines, so don’t forget to sample the local fare!

Weather in Gran Canaria

All of the Canary Islands benefit from superb weather, with Northerly trade winds regulating the heat and ensuring that the climate is pleasant and warm instead of swelteringly hot and dry. Gran Canaria’s temperature rarely varies from Summer to Winter, usually remaining between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius with very little rainfall the whole year round.