3 Star Cancun Holidays

Experience Experience the thrills and colour of Cancun with a sublime 3-star holiday. Browse the fabulous resorts on offer and start planning your holiday to this fabulous destination today.the thrills and colour of Cancun with a sublime 3-star holid

4 Star Cancun Holidays

Immerse yourself in a mesmerising world of tropical splendour with an unforgettable Cancun holiday. Here are our top picks for a sensational 4-star escape.

5 Star Cancun Holidays

Leave your cares behind and discover tropical luxury beside the Caribbean Sea with a 5-star holiday in Cancun. Take your pick from the stunning hotels and resorts we have on offer.


Situated in South-Eastern Mexico, the city of Cancun is a vibrant and culturally rich city that’s bursting at the seams with tourist attractions and activities. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Mexico, it is little wonder that Cancun attracts millions of visitors of all ages every year, from family holiday groups, couples and solo travellers to people on honeymoon. The name ‘Cancun’ is often the subject of discussion as there are two possible translations of the name, the most popular and generally accepted translation is “nest of snakes” and the second translation and less known is “place of the gold snake”.

Cancun is home to the world’s second largest barrier reef, so it is an ideal place for scuba divers to discover some amazing sea life – you could even try snorkelling if you don’t want to go too far under the water! There are also miles and miles of sugary white sands where you can soak up the glorious Mexican sunshine. As it is a big city, Cancun offers a variety of bars and restaurants, as well as some of the most sensational and best-known nightlife in the world, and for those who just want to relax in their resort, Cancun has plenty of amazing all inclusive hotels too.

Cancun Highlights

Snorkeling and scuba diving is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities for visitors to Cancun. With crystal clear waters full of coral and sea life, going under the sea here is an unforgettable experience that many tourists revisit again and again.

One of the most stunning species that you can see in these waters are sea turtles, you can even arrange a snorkelling tour specifically planned so that you can learn all about the sea turtles and the ecosystem in which they live.

Another hot spot for tourists is the fabulous Lorenzillo’s seafood restaurant and bar. Situated facing the lagoon, this restaurant specialises in Lobster – you can choose from twenty different ways for your lobster to be served!

If you want to experience the wild side of Cancun, then the world famous Coco Bongo is where you should head! It’s popular with spring breakers and features lots of dancing, partying and live entertainment until 5am!

Weather in Cancun

As it is close to the equator, Cancun’s temperature tends to stay warm to hot throughout the year, with the lowest tending to be around the mid to low twenties. Cancun enjoys a subtropical climate, meaning that instead of experiencing summer and winter, it has wet and dry seasons. The best time to visit Cancun is from November through to April each year, as this is the time when you are less likely to be rained on! However – there are warm showers throughout the year in Mexico.

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