Jamaica is one of the Caribbean’s most famous islands and with a cultural influence that has transported around the world. This grandly beautiful country is packed with a variety unmatched in the region. Brilliant beaches and beautiful green mountains create picture perfect backdrops for a perfect Caribbean experience, while it’s rousing culture, relaxed resorts and exceptional cuisine, make the island a truly unique experience – one of vibrancy and relaxation. Jamaica offers the unique choice of a holiday packed with luxury and relaxation or one packed with adventure.

Things to do in Jamaica

Jamaica offers some breath-taking beaches to choose from. Offering some brilliant places to relax and unwind, with exceptional lagoons and diving experiences throughout the island, you’ll never be struggling for a perfect place to relax and unwind next to the warm pristine waters while on the island. The most famous of these beaches is the famous Seven-Mile beach on Negril. This world-renowned location is a fantastic and busy beach, bustling with holiday makers making the most of the Jamaican sun, or experiencing one of the many water activities the beach has to offer – from snorkelling and a host of diving trips. The resort town boasts a laid-back vibe and striking cliffs, making sunsets here a sensational dusk-time experience, set to the local rhythms of reggae and rum.

Away from the beaches, Jamaica offers the opportunity to experience its famously laid-back culture and intriguing history. The island’s tourist hotspot is Montego Bay. Bustling with tourists and fantastic resorts, it offers visitors a fantastic range of activities and, again, some brilliant diving opportunities. The surrounding waters are crowded with marine life are a highlight in the area.


It offers a great nightlife – as most of Jamaica does – with a lively main strip filled with great local bars and restaurants and has some great attractions on offer to keep the busy tourist trade filled with things to do.

For cuisine, Boston Bay is where Jamaica’s heart is. An extraordinary sensory affair, Boston Bay is the supposed birthplace of jerk spice rub and the turnoff of the town is a vibrant place lined with stalls for your taste buds to explore.

Exploring inland there are some wonderful natural features to look into. A rafting excursion down the island’s Rio Grande. This great experience can be charted from most resorts and has become a tourist must-do. As is a trip to the beautiful Reach Falls, just south. Hiring a guide can take you to the island’s most beautiful waterfalls – in a land that has many – and is well worth the trip to experience this beautiful natural feature from right up close in the mountain freshwater pools. North, a hike up Blue Peak Mountain is also a firm favourite. A trek through Jamaica’s inner forest up to some spectacular views makes this another great way to spend a day or evening, emerging with brilliant views of the Caribbean, Cuba and beyond.

Jamaica is a varied island that accommodates those looking for a luxury Caribbean experience, fantastic adventure or a vibrant and enriching culture. Brilliant beaches and resorts are bolstered by Jamaica’s unique character as a laid-back rum drinking, reggae dancing gem, while inland you can explore the island’s diverse and wonderful landscape. Jamaica is rightly one of the region’s most famous destinations and has so much on offer you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to fulfil all you could want from a Caribbean holiday.

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The weather in Jamaica is quite varied. December to March is the high season when the climate is relatively comfortable and the weather is drier. April and May are still a great time to visit, although there is some likelihood of rainfall. Hurricane season is between June and November and there is a risk of tropical storms, even though the locals and hotel staff are extremely experienced at handling this weather.