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Middle East

Tourism is booming in the Middle East. The region continues to go from strength to strength and has in recent years become one of the world's most desirable holiday destinations.

Millions of people flock to the Middle East every year to take a luxury break in the sun.

The Middle East, which includes both the United Arab Emirates and Oman, is known all over for its palatial resorts, unrivalled beaches, awesome theme parks and spectacular landmarks – namely Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world

However, it's not all super-sized yachts and designer boutiques. The Middle East is also steeped in history, with grand palaces, ancient fortresses, beautifully decorated mosques and sprawling markets that reflect the region's rich heritage.

The Middle East Highlights

There's so much to do during your holiday here, with a number of unique destinations to choose from.

Explore Dubai, one of the most rapidly developing cities in the world. Whilst holidaying in this sprawling city, why not treat yourself to a shopping tour of the huge Mall of the Emirates. We also recommend a visit to Palm Jumeirah island and the iconic Wild Wadi Water Park.

There's also Abu Dhabi. Another futuristic metropolis, which boasts breath-taking skylines, wealthy resorts, historic mosques and our personal favourite – the Ferrari World amusement park.

Those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, may want to check out Ras Al Khaimah – an equally as luxurious, yet more relaxed alternative that occupies the north of the UAE.

Following in a similar vein to Ras Al Khamiah, or RAK as it's also known, is Oman and Fujairah. Both Middle East destinations offer something different with a more historic feel. Wherever you choose to visit, holidays to the Middle East are a once in a lifetime experience.

The Middle East Weather

You can be sure of consistently dry weather and sunshine in this part of the world. July and August are especially hot and humid, whereas the months between November through to March offer a more temperate climate for European sensibilities. That said, it will be very warm, with the temperature rarely falling below twenty degrees Celsius.