Nestled in the south-eastern Caribbean Sea, where worry and stress are just a distant memory, Grenada offers a blissful retreat for those seeking relaxation, sun and endless charm. Known as the ‘Spice Island’ for its nutmeg and mace, Grenada mixes stunning landscapes with spectacular beaches and turquoise seas. Spend your days enjoying the tranquillity of the island, then sip on a delicious Caribbean rum as you watch a magical sunset on Grand Anse beach. And tomorrow? Let’s do it all again. Welcome to Grenada.

Grenada highlights

Grenada captivates from the moment you arrive. Home to the world’s first underwater sculpture park and more than 40 white sand beaches, its idyllic and unspoilt nature provides the perfect place to rest and unwind.

The two-mile-long Grand Anse beach is the island’s most famous coastal stretch. It lies just south of the capital St George’s, where a horseshoe-shaped harbour welcomes visitors to a world of heritage and colonial architecture. Colourful Caribbean buildings line the narrow streets, and the city’s market stalls fill the air with the aroma of the island’s local spices.

For those seeking adventure, a range of hiking trails in the Grand Etang National Park explore the breath-taking rainforest and some of its most beautiful waterfalls. Treks are available for a range of fitness levels, and offer a fantastic glimpse into the wildlife of the island as well as its fascinating flora and majestic views.

Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park is one of the world’s most unusual art galleries. Located two metres under the surface of the Caribbean Sea, local scuba companies offer diving and snorkelling excursions that are among the most popular of the island’s tourist activities.

And a trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of the island’s rum distilleries or spice plantations. Both are hugely integral to Grenada’s history and working life, and tours of the Belmont Estate or the River Antoine Estate offer revealing insights into the island’s economy.

Grenada represents an opportunity to experience a Caribbean island that remains slightly off the tourist trail. The charm and hospitality of the locals, combined with the lack of crowds, results in a culture and environment still true to itself.

Visitors to the island will discover a range of coastal resorts and towns complementing the undisturbed and secluded beaches. So if you’re looking for a relaxed and laid-back treasure, you’ve just found it.

Grenada weather

The weather in Grenada is subtropical, with temperatures maintaining an average between the mid-20s and low-30s throughout the year. Expect drier, cooler weather in the tourist high season between January and April, while downpours are more common from June to November.

You’ll love Grenada if...

You want warm weather, welcoming culture and the chance to get away from your everyday stresses and strains.