Oman is part of a growing number of Middle Eastern countries that are rapidly becoming more popular amongst holidaymakers. searching for a less obvious holiday destination.

Geographically, Oman is situated to the east of the Arabian Peninsula. Its close proximity to the equator means the country enjoys hot weather all year round, with very little rain.

Travel across this unique country and you will discover grand mosques, ancient fortresses, luxury resorts and, most importantly, a number of glorious beaches.

Oman Highlights

Oman's Bedouin history, striking landscapes and proud seafaring tradition are just some of the country's key characteristics. Oman is more traditional than other Middle Eastern countries, making it a great alternative to a holiday the ultra-modern surroundings of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Oman is suited to all types of holiday, from family breaks to romantic getaways. The country boasts a wide-range of tourist attractions and places of interest, all easily accessible via tours and excursions. 

Keen hikers will want to pay a visit to Jebel Shams, or 'The Mountain of the Sun' as it's also known. The mountain is Oman's highest peak, measuring over 300 meters. The summit affords spectacular views over the Wadi Ghul gorge – otherwise known as the Grand Canyon of Arabia. 

Holidays to Oman are not complete without a trip to the city's bustling capital of Muscat. The city is a hotbed of excitement, with authentic Arabian markets, modern shopping complexes, museums, perfumeries and sightseeing tours of the local area.

The real jewel in Muscat's crown is its grand palaces and mosques, namely Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. The breathtaking structure was commissioned by Qaboos bin Said Al Said, the current Sultan of Oman, and is the third largest in the world. Among its luxurious showpieces are a Swarovoski crystal chandelier and enormous handmade Persian carpet.

Also located in Muscat is the famous Muttrah Souk, which attracts visitors from around the globe. We recommend brushing up on your haggling skills before a visit to this expansive marketplace, where traders sell everything from historic ornaments to aromatic herbs and spices.

South of Muscat is Sharqiya Sands, or Wahiba Sands as it is sometimes known. The sands are a unique desert camp, accessed via a camel ride, where visitors can experience the authentic Bedouin experience. The camp gives holidaymakers a unique taste of a lifestyle that is fast disappearing. As well as being an insightful cultural excursion, the sands are a fun and exciting experience.

Oman is also home to a number of fantastic beaches, for those hoping to kick back and take it easy.  The Al Sawadi beach resort is perfect for holidaymakers wanting to experience a traditional holiday, where water sports, kite surfing and scuba diving are just some of the fun activities on offer. The resort is located to the west of Muscat and is a great base for those wanting to explore Oman.

Oman Weather

Like the rest of the Persian Gulf, Oman enjoys hot weather all year round. The temperature rarely falls below twenty degrees Celsius, even during the winter months. Oman’s hottest weather falls between May and August when the temperature is known to reach the mid-thirties.

The best time of year to visit Oman tends to be between November and March, partly due to the manageable temperature, which averages around the high twenties.

You'll love Oman if...

You’re ready to delve deep into an ancient and historic part of the Middle East, where extraordinary souks and Bedouin camps, replace glitzy skylines and designer boutiques.