St Kitts

Once the heartbeat of the sugar industry, St Kitts’ is rapidly becoming a favourite holiday destination amongst visitors to the Caribbean. Tourism is booming on this tiny island with an ever-increasing number of holidaymakers flocking to its shores. Fabulous beaches, awe-inspiring rainforests and a colonial history are just a few of St Kitts’ key characteristics.

The influx of wealth from tourism has also seen a great deal of development take place on the island, with luxury marinas and a whole host of 5-star resorts popping up around the island. On the whole, St Kitts is an exotic paradise, where the food is outstanding and the cocktails are plentiful.

St Kitts Highlights

Venture across the island and you’ll find a treasure trove of hidden gems, historical sites, incredible landscapes, traditional market towns and scenic railways. The Brimstone Hill Fortress, an 18th Century military base and UNESCO World Heritage site, provides a fascinating insight into and humbling insight into the slave trade and the colonisation of the Caribbean.

Evidence of the French’s involvement on St Kitts can be found in Basseterre. The capital city is one of the oldest towns in the Caribbean. Remnants of the island’s colonial past can be found all around the island, including Georgian styled architecture and London place names, such as Pall Mall, the name given to the town’s main square.

Slightly to the east of the capital is South Frigate Bay, where the most obvious signs of development have taken shape. The area is home to a huge new Marriot hotel, casino and a fantastic selection of restaurants and bars, all dotted along South Frigate beach. A brand new marina and numerous property developments are also starting to take shape to welcome the new influx of tourists. In short, the area is very quickly becoming associated with the sort of luxury you’d expect from other Caribbean islands, including The Bahamas.

Easily accessible from St Kitts is its sister island Nevis. The island is just a short boat trip away. We recommend a trip to Nisbet Beach or the island’s capital, Charlestown, for those looking to do a little island hopping!

St Kitts Weather

On the whole, St Kitts enjoys hot weather all year around with temperatures ranging from the mid to high twenties. On particularly hot days you can expect the heat to creep into the thirties. The best time to visit is from mid-December to April, the island’s high season. As with most Caribbean islands, hurricane season runs from June to November, but you’re more likely to experience adverse weather later in the year from October-time. That being said, it’s always best to keep an eye on the forecast and news updates.

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What’s not to love about St Kitts? Head here for a real insight into the Caribbean’s colonial history, some of the Caribbean’s best beaches and lots of fun in the sun in an increasingly more popular part of the West Indies.