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3 Star Multicentre Holidays

Embrace urban adventures and exquisite scenery during a phenomenal 3-star multicentre holiday incorporating one or more of Vietnam’s most spectacular destinations. Here are our top picks for an unforgettable escape.

4 Star Multicentre Holidays

If you’re seeking big city excitement combined with an explosion of culture, look no further than one of our 4-star multicentre holidays. Start planning your dream getaway now.

5 Star Multicentre Holidays

Immerse yourself in a complete Vietnam holiday experience or combine a visit to this mesmerising destination with an exhilarating escape elsewhere. Take a look at our scintillating 5-star multicentre packages here.

Vietnam Multicentre Holidays

Embrace the vibrant culture, spectacular natural scenery and colourful heritage of Vietnam with one of our incredible multicentre holidays. This is the ideal way to explore this captivating nation to its fullest and create magnificent memories along the way.

To give you a complete Vietnam experience, we’ve put together some sublime 3-star, 4-star and 5-star packages, combining stops in a variety of spectacular destinations. With high-energy city thrills, stunning beaches and ancient temples all on offer, why not discover this exhilarating country in style with a Destination2 multicentre holiday?

Our Vietnam Multicentre Recommendations

D2 travel specialist Llewys has a wealth of first-hand experience travelling to Vietnam and recommends making the most of your visit with a multicentre holiday stopping in Hanoi, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh.

Llewys says: “Hanoi is the perfect place to start your adventure in Vietnam, with plenty to see and do. You’ll find a bustling capital city full of spectacular sights and wonderful surprises, as well as fantastic nightlife and superb hotels.

“You might need to catch your breath after experiencing Hanoi, and Nha Trang is the ideal place to do this, with gorgeous white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

“To top off your holiday, a visit to Ho Chi Minh is a must. This energetic city offers spirituality and culture, alongside skyscrapers and shopping.”

For more details on our Hanoi, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh package, or any of our other multicentre deals, please speak to Llewys on 01244 957 714.

Destination2 travel expert Poppy suggests combining a visit to Ho Chi Minh with a stop in Hoi An, allowing you to experience both city and beach in one unforgettable holiday.

Poppy says: “Ho Chi Minh is a fantastic city, with so much to see and experience, from culture and shopping to delicious food and spectacular scenery.

“It’s a city full of energy and colour that will leave you completely dazzled.

“In contrast, Hoi An is a much more laid back destination, with luxurious beachside resorts where you can relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh.”

For more details on our Ho Chi Minh and Hoi An package, or any of our other Vietnam multicentre holidays, please speak to Poppy on 01244 957 714.

Three favourite things about Vietnam multicentre holidays

Diverse destinations: Vietnam is an extraordinary country with a variety of unique destinations to discover. Whether visiting the city, the country, or the coast, you’ll find something new around every corner and the best way to explore this intoxicating country to its fullest is on a multicentre holiday.

Captivating scenery: Any visit to Vietnam will give you the opportunity to experience dazzling cityscapes, postcard-perfect shores or tropical splendour. However, taking flight on a multicentre holiday will allow you to discovery more of this incredible destination than if you stayed in one place.

Fascinating culture: Vietnam has a rich heritage and is bursting with golden temples, grand architecture and sacred monuments. Travelling across this spectacular nation means you will get to experience more of the wonderful culture on offer and see how a range of diverse influences have shaped this sensational country.

Upgrade your Vietnam multicentre holiday

Vietnam is a phenomenal nation to explore as part of a multicentre holiday. However, there’s always an option to upgrade your experience, and in this case it’s the opportunity to include another sublime destination in your travel itinerary.

There are many captivating places that can be included as part of a Vietnam multicentre package, including Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Dubai is a mesmerising destination, offering luxury, glamour and beauty in abundance.

Another option is Thailand, with a variety of places that can be included in a multicentre adventure and opportunities for a host of contrasting experiences.

If it’s an urban adventure with a difference you’re seeking how about a stop in Hong Kong or Singapore? Malaysia also offers plenty of options for multicentre destinations, whether you crave a dazzling city break, adventures in the wild or heavenly beach bliss.

With so many choices, you can create the multicentre itinerary to suit you.

For help planning your dream Vietnam multicentre holiday, please speak to one of our travel specialists on 01244 957 714.

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