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Best Holiday Destinations for April

Of the many elements we wanted to include in our picks, we chose three places that were monsoon-free, boast incredible beaches, enjoy lots of sunshine - and of course, have incredible views.

Mauritius or Maldives? Which to choose for your luxury escape

Each Indian Ocean island is its own little paradise, ringed with sapphire blue ocean, crowned with diadems of glittering sand and bursting with cultural experiences. With so many of these wonderlands to consider for your next trip, it can be very difficult to make a choice! We’ve compiled a handy list comparing two of the area’s most beautiful nations – The Maldives and Mauritius – to help you make the decision a little more easily!

Last minute long haul holidays you should take on a whim

Going on holiday is one of the best things you can do for mind, body and soul. The only thing better than taking a holiday, is taking one on a whim.

Why it’s party time in magical Mauritius

On March 12, the paradise island nation of Mauritius celebrates 50 years of independence. Here at Destination2, we decided to join in the festivities and find out exactly what makes this spectacular tropical destination so special.

Family-Friendly Hotels in Mauritius

A common misconception with paradise destinations such as Mauritius, is that most resorts shun children in order to provide a boutique, serene experience. This myth can be easily dispelled by taking a look at our hand-picked selection of family-friendly hotels.