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From travel trends to wanderlust-inducing destination ideas, stay up to date with the latest in the travel industry with our blog.

The best holiday destinations for every star sign

So many places to visit, so little time. How do you decide where to book your next holiday to? When all else fails, why not look to the stars?

Tranquility in the Tropics: The best spas in Bali

Many hotels in Bali feature their own stunning spas, with exotic and luxurious treatments and experienced staff ready to pamper guests to their heart’s content. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best spa treatments that you can try in Bali, as well as some of most fabulous hotel spas on the island.

Last minute long haul holidays you should take on a whim

Going on holiday is one of the best things you can do for mind, body and soul. The only thing better than taking a holiday, is taking one on a whim.

Best Holiday Destinations for January

Often referred to as the “Monday of months", January is quite often a grey, bleak time here in the UK. December festivities have ended and most of the population are braving the cold weather and returning to work after a week off. But elsewhere in the world the weather is HOT and the smiles are aplenty, so why not jet off on a January holiday to one of these fabulous far-flung destinations?

Bali or Thailand: where should you go?

So, what’s better, Thailand or Bali? Which one of these two tropical paradises takes the lead as the most beautiful? The best value for money? The most romantic place to spend your first weeks of post-nuptial bliss?