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The adventure of a lifetime awaits in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a destination perfect for adventure.

Exhilarating experiences and captivating natural beauty can be found around absolutely every turn, with stunning beaches, towering mountains, a vast desert, awe-inspiring modern cities and a fascinating history all to be discovered.

Indeed, this glorious nation has something for everyone, and the best way to get the most out of your visit to Saudi is on a sensational tour holiday or an unforgettable luxury cruise.


Both options allow you to immerse yourself in the phenomenal beauty, inspiring activities and colourful culture on offer, while you’ll also be treated to mouth-watering cuisine and be able to relax under year-round sunshine.

A land of unimaginable delights

The very best of Saudi can be experienced on an exhilarating tour of this fabulous country.

The sensational capital city Riyadh has to be one of your stops on your journey, with the country’s past, present and future all on show.


Delve into the nation’s rich history at the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, or pay a visit to Al Masmak Fortress, built in 1865, to house the garrisons who protected the area. A trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site At Turaif in Diriyah is also a must, with the ancient walled city being the first capital of the Saudi kingdom.

In contrast, Riyadh is also the home of the futuristic Al Faisaliah and Kingdom towers, along with a host of other sparkling skyscrapers, designer shopping outlets and world-class dining destinations.

Another spectacular city to take in during your visit to Saudi, is Jeddah. Located next to the Red Sea, this vibrant cosmopolitan hub boasts an array of modern hotels, as well as an impressive 4.2km corniche featuring piers, swimming bays, restaurants and cycle paths.


Jeddah’s heritage can also be explored during a visit to the historic Al Balad quarter, another of the country’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here you can discover traditional merchant houses and visit Souq Al Alawi, Saudi’s largest bazaar.

A stop in Medina should also form part of your tour itinerary, with Islam’s second holiest city being home to the stunning Al Masjid an Nabawi (The Prophet’s Mosque), the final resting place of the Prophet Muhammad. Although the mosque is not accessible to non-Muslims, visitors can still experience the beauty of the city, and even head to nearby Mount Uhud to enjoy views over Medina.

Away from its cities, Saudi still has much to offer in the way of spectacular scenery and archaeological treasures.

AlUla is one spot that offers both, with a lush oasis, spellbinding rock formations and ancient rock art among the attractions.


Here you will also find the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hegra. The remains of the second city of the Nabateans - after Petra, in Jordan - feature more than 90 tombs carved into the rock and are a wonderful sight to behold.

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Set sail for an unforgettable experience

Chart a course for Saudi aboard a luxury cruise ship and discover a variety of wondrous destinations as well as enjoying a myriad of delights sailing across the glistening Red Sea.

Beginning and ending in Jeddah, your ocean quest will include stops in Ar Ras al Abyad, Al Wajh and Yanbu Al Bahr, as well as fascinating ports of call in Egypt and Jordan.

Ar Ras al Abyad is a wonderful spot for laid-back beach time, soaking up the Saudi sun, or enjoying a spot of scuba diving or swimming in the warm waters of the Red Sea.

Picturesque scenery, historic landmarks and a golden stretch of sand are all features of the coastal city of Al Wajh. You’ll also find sensational seafood restaurants and be able to explore the bustling fish market.


Yanbu Al Bahr is a haven for beach lovers, offering stunning stretches of sand and crystal-clear waters. A spectrum of wonderful water sports can also be enjoyed, with the colourful coral reefs of the coast making the area a popular spot with scuba divers. Yanbu Al Bahr is also home to a charming old town, an array of historical buildings and a huge shopping mall.

As well as being able to discover all of these sublime destinations, your time at sea also promises to be an experience in itself. Relax in style in sumptuous living spaces, feast on unbelievable cuisine in exquisite restaurants, take advantage of exceptional leisure facilities and enjoy endless entertainment.

What more could you possibly wish for as you explore the wonders of Saudi’s majestic Red Sea coast? Book your sensational luxury cruise holiday today.