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Best Adult Only Holiday Destinations

Sometimes we need a holiday destination that offers us a little privacy, or maybe we’re looking for an opportunity to really let our hair down and party. Whatever the reason, many travellers prefer to stay at accommodation or resort that are dubbed “adult only”. If you’re planning an upcoming holiday and would rather your host specify no under-16s, look no further – here at we've rounded up a selection of the very best adult only holiday destinations.

Antigua and Jamaica, The Caribbean


Antigua and Jamaica are hotspots for kid-free resorts, and, with the chilled out party vibes that this region brings to mind, it’s easy to see why. The image of stretching out on a deck-chair and sipping cocktails infused with delicious local rum as the sun sets over the sea is synonymous with bliss incarnate for most people! The romantic potential of the Caribbean is without bounds for couples, and besides this, these island paradises are brimming with sites of cultural and historical interest just waiting to be explored. While you and your friends might be fascinated by the ancient areas of Kingston and the origins of reggae, these attractions may not hold the same magic for very young travellers, nor may the glorious coastal hikes just waiting to be tackled by the more intrepid of travellers.

Tenerife, The Canary Islands


There's a reason this sunny archipelago attracts floods of partygoers each summer. The nightlife of islands such as Tenerife is legendary, so if you’re looking for somewhere you can be completely free to dance the night away, this is the escape for you. The bars and clubs lining the Playa de las Americas are magnets for hedonistic travellers, and for this reason, this resort is home to a large number of adults-only hotels. If revelling into the early hours isn’t thrilling enough, Tenerife is also home to the highest point in Spain – the volcanic Mount Teide. Right in the centre of the island, intrepid travellers can go quad-biking up its side or explore the luscious greenery of the National Park surrounding it, which is thriving with captivating flora and fauna.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


One of the classiest destinations on the planet, affluent and beautiful Dubai is an escape for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Gaze upon some of the world’s most incredible architecture, including the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa, dine in some of the most sumptuous surroundings imaginable on food created by Michelin-star awardees and celebrity chefs, enjoy some high-end retail therapy in the sprawling Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates, and dress in all your finery for a lively and opulent night on the town. A visit to Dubai is a lavish treat that may not be appreciated by little ones, hence the wide selection of adult-only accommodation in the region.

Bangkok, Thailand


Thailand is a country of phenomenal natural beauty as well as buzzing cityscapes, and its capital, Bangkok, is certainly representative of the latter. A rich centre of East Asian culture and a feast for the senses, the city might just see you staring in awe at an ancient temple one minute, queuing up for a street food cart to sample the exquisite local cuisine the next, then rushing off to take a tour of the astonishing canal network on a longtail boat. To get the best out of Bangkok, you either need to be able to stick to a tight itinerary to ensure you take in all the experiences you can, or be willing to be completely flexible and go wherever the wind may take you. Of course, both these options can prove very difficult with kids in tow, and Bangkok plays host to a great many adult-only hotels as a result.