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What's the Weather Like in Dubai

One of the main attractions about going on holiday is to get away from the British weather. Residents here are fed up of the rain so they plan to go somewhere with sun, and lots of it. In recent years, Dubai has become a popular destination for Brits looking to spend their valuable holiday time. If you are thinking about booking a holiday but ask yourself, “what’s the weather like in Dubai?” then this is for you as we give a rundown of the climate in Dubai.

The Difference in Climate.

It is widely known that the weather in Dubai is some of the hottest in the world. This is because of its position near the Tropic of Cancer line on the Earth. The hottest temperature ever recorded was a scalding 52.1°C, which is a distant dream if you’re hoping to see that in Britain.

On average, the weather in Dubai sees very little rainfall. December-March is where you will see the most rain, ranging from 16-25 mm (0.6-1 inches) on average in each of those months. In the summer months, there is little to no rain on average. In Britain, however, the picture is extremely different. Winter obviously sees the most rainfall. October has the most, with 91.7mm (3.6inches) on average and even the summer months are not safe. For example, July sees roughly about 62.6 mm (2.5inches) in rainfall.

The Dubai Weather

The Difference in Temperature.

In terms of temperature, Dubai is a lot like our own climate in that the summer months are the hottest and it is colder in the winter. However, there probably isn’t a word for ‘cold weather’ in Dubai since the average high temperature in December is around 26°C, with lows of 16°C. This gradually increases throughout the year. Things start to get hotter in April, with the average high being 32°C and August is typically the hottest month of the year with an average high temperature of 41°C.

Things are extremely different in Dubai, in more ways than one, but the weather in Dubai is one of the most obvious differences. If you’re looking for a holiday with a bit of sun and an overall a good time, then Dubai is a better choice than most.