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Religious sites to see in Dubai

The main religion in Dubai is Islam. Residents are extremely proud and protective over their culture, so it is important for tourists to respect these traditions and to behave suitably when visiting.

The Jumeirah Mosque offers a tour where people can learn more about the religious customs and ask any questions that they may have. There is a daily tour in the morning, and the grounds of the mosque are open all day. The building itself features beautiful architecture both inside and out, with traditional Arabic influences taking effect on the building.

The Jumeirah Mosque

Next on our list of religious sites to see in Dubai is the Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Hattab Mosque and Centre. It aims to share the values of Islam with people from all walks of life and offers regular tours as well as lectures, seminars and a summer camp. If you want to experience the culture of Dubai during your visit, and learn more about the religion of the area then this is a great place to learn.

Islam isn’t the only religion that is widely practised in Dubai, and the Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Temple is a prime example of a great site for other religions. This 25,400 sq ft Sikh temple is a beautiful building that serves as a base for the Sikh community in Dubai. It is used for both community events as well as worship.

Last on our list of religious sites to see in Dubai is Hindi Lane. This site is different from the others as it is not a place of worship; it is a street where vendors sell all kinds of religious items and things that people can take to temples. It is situated behind the Shiva and Krishna Mandir, the only place of worship for Dubai’s Hindu community. Hindi lane

Flickr creative commons image: Phareannah