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Dubai: The City of Number Ones

Dubai is synonymous with glitz and glamour – as well as striving to be the best. Being the largest city in the UAE, Dubai has emerged as the global city and business hub of the Middle East.

To establish its position in the UAE, Dubai has developed itself as a holiday destination to be reckoned with. Only here can you see the world’s biggest sweet shop near the world’s fastest police car besides the tallest manmade structure on the planet.

This infographic shows Dubai’s record-breaking feats. From the seemingly impossible – (who knew that the area boasted one of the largest indoor snow parks in the world?) – to the flamboyant – (a record breaking 5km chain, anyone?)

Bold, brash and brazen, Dubai isn’t afraid of making a statement – and that’s why we love it!

If you want a holiday in a place where more is most definitely more, check out our Dubai holiday deals, and experience the wonders of this incredible city yourself.

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