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Christmas Holidays in the Maldives - What to Expect

How many times have you heard someone in your family say “let’s go abroad for Christmas next year”? It’s a conversation that pops up every year around the dinner table after a few glasses of wine. But despite all the festive chatter, you may find that your plans of escaping to an exotic getaway never quite materialise.

Why not make this the year that you finally run with the idea and celebrate the festive period on one of the idyllic beaches of the Maldives? The Maldives is one of the best places to spend Christmas in the sun, surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is even 4 hours ahead of the UK, meaning you get to literally make Christmas come early. Just remember this when calling your loved ones back home!

The Weather

You still get to enjoy a white Christmas in the Maldives, only the white is coming from the sun-illuminated sands rather than snow. While this may not be the white Christmas that Bing Crosby was singing about, we highly doubt that the crooner would disapprove!

The temperature in the Maldives does not vary much throughout the year, it sticks around 30°C all year round, meaning you have the perfect opportunity to spend the 25th on the beach. December also happens to be the middle of the dry season in Maldives, meaning that there is very little rainfall stopping you from enjoying the golden sands.

Maldives Beaches

The Celebrations

As a mostly Muslim country, there aren’t many official Christmas celebrations in the Maldives. The resorts cater to guests and provide a Christmas dinner option as well as putting decorations up.

Having a traditional Christmas experience goes against the spirit of celebrating the holiday in the Maldives however. Christmas in the Maldives is best spent on a quiet beach relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather and sights with your loved ones.

The Food

If we have already established that your Christmas in the Maldives will not be a traditional experience why stick to a traditional Christmas dinner? Roast turkey and potatoes can be too heavy for the heat of the Maldives, so why not enjoy a traditional Maldives meal?

Since the majority of the Maldives is taken up by the sea, fish is a huge part of the population’s diet, especially tuna. Garudhiya is a popular fish broth that is made with rice, lime, chilli and onions. Another favourite is Fihunu mas, which is fish basted in chilli and then barbecued. Coconuts grow in abundance in the Maldives and are often used in cooking for their milk or by grating the coconut itself. We recommend Fihunu mas with a side of rice cooked in coconut oil for a truly authentic Maldivian Christmas dinner.

Things to do in the Maldives in December

After you have celebrated Christmas Day you will most likely have some time left in the Maldives. Since you won’t be able to spend the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve visiting the friends and family that you didn’t see on the big day, as is the tradition in the UK, you may as well enjoy some of the things that the Maldives does best.

The best thing you can do a holiday to the Maldives is to just explore the Maldives. This could be a four by four safari through the dense forests or scuba diving in the ocean. There is plenty of wildlife to see on both trips, although we have a slight preference for the scuba trip as the ocean is unbelievably clear near the Maldives, making the country one of the world’s premier diving hotspots.

It may seem impossible to be even more relaxed on a Christmas break to the Maldives but somehow, it is. The country has a thriving massage industry, with an emphasis on huts on piers that are over the blue sea waters. Having a massage whilst facing the clear waters and hearing the natural sounds of the waves lapping makes for one of the most relaxing experiences on the planet.

If a Christmas break to the Maldives sounds like something that you’d appreciate, why not take a look at our Maldives holidays page to book your Christmas holiday for 2016