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Best Holiday Destinations for September

September in the UK can be pretty unpredictable weather-wise. One day you could be looking at beautiful blue skies, and the next you could be facing a torrential downpour! This year, why not escape those autumn showers and jet off somewhere nice and hot?

Summer may be coming to an end in the UK over September, but there are plenty of places across the globe that enjoy some of their most pleasant temperatures throughout this month. We’ve chosen our three best luxury destinations to visit in September.


Seychelles Beach

Average temperature in September: 27°C

Located in middle of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles are the perfect destination for a secluded, peaceful holiday. This island archipelago enjoys warm temperatures throughout the year, which rarely drops below 24°C, meaning it’s beach weather all year round! Temperatures here reach their peak around April / May time, with September being slightly cooler and breezier.

In fact, you could even say that September is the perfect time to visit the Seychelles. It’s not too hot, it’s just right!

The islands are well known for their pearlescent white beaches and glorious sunshine, making them the perfect place for sunseekers looking to spend their holiday relaxing and topping up their tan.

Explorers will love the Seychelles’ endless array of tropical forests and stunning marine life, whilst thrill-seekers will be right at home with the selection of watersports on offer across the islands.


Sunset in Bali

Average temperature in September: 27°C

The tropical paradise of Bali has become an increasingly popular holiday destination in recent years, with tourists of all ages flocking to the island for relaxation, rejuvenation and requiescence.

The island’s sugar white beaches, year-round sunshine and clear, turquoise waters make this the perfect place to soak up some sunshine during September, whilst its ancient temples and tropical forests are fantastic for more adventurous visitors.

Why do we love Bali so much? It’s hard to choose just one reason, but the island’s laid back culture combined with its breath-taking history and stunning scenery make it a wonderful choice for your September holiday.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Average temperature in September: 28°C

Located in the Indian Ocean, just southeast of India itself, Sri Lanka enjoys warm temperatures all year round. The weather here in September is bright with lots of sunshine, although there’s increased rainfall to the south and west of the island, so we recommend staying towards the north and east.

Sri Lanka’s popularity has increased in recent years, but it is still a unique place to visit, offering peace and serenity. Wildlife enthusiasts will be excited to know that Sri Lanka boasts 14 national parks, with leopards, elephants, langurs, and exotic birds among many others.

Once you’ve witnessed some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, explore the green hills and picturesque tea estates. An adventure to the centre of the island will discover the jungle-wrapped city of Kandy, where you can enjoy a wide selection of authentic restaurants, shops and a stunning Big Buddha.