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Best Holiday Destinations for June

Although June weather in the UK is pleasant, it can still be pretty unpredictable (random rain showers, anyone?), so jetting off to somewhere far-flung is great way to enjoy some guaranteed hot temperatures, good food and good vibes.

But where should you go in June? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite June destinations to help you get the best from your summer getaway. Happy holidays!

East Malaysia, Borneo

Borneo Wildlife

Average temperature in June: 29°C

Borneo is the world’s third largest island, and is made up of three countries: Indonesia, Brunei and East Malaysia. East Malaysia is much less populated than its western counterpart, and is perfect for people looking to have a tropical adventure in a faraway land.

June in East Malaysia is part of the dry season, meaning that hot days with minimal rainfall are the norm during this month. However, we do suggest packing an umbrella anyway, as Borneo is known for the occasional tropical rain shower - that’s why the island is famous for its lush green jungles. These jungles are home to a wide range of exotic wildlife, including orangutans and thousands of bird species.

Another thing that Eastern Malaysia is famous for is its breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Here you’ll be able to sink your toes into the softest white sands, and snorkel in warm turquoise waters. If you’re looking for adventure, take a hike up Mount Kinabalu - the largest mountain in southeast Asia. For a truly spectacular experience, opt for a guided trek up the mountain through the night, so you can arrive at the summit at sunrise.

Tobago, Caribbean


Average temperature in June: 27°C

Tobago is welcoming the beginning of its rainy season in June - but don’t let that put you off! Much like the rain in Phuket, Tobago rain comes in short showers which last minutes not hours. In fact, the weather here is so hot that everything dries in super quick time, so you wouldn’t even know it had rained after a few minutes.

The average June temperature in Tobago is 27°C, so it’s perfect for the beach. The coastline here is unspoilt, with palm-fringed sugar white sands and crystal clear waters providing visitors with the perfect place to sunbathe, snorkel and engage in some exciting water sports.

Tobago has been called one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets, due to it being relatively untouched by the tourist industry. Nature and culture lovers will be right at home, with Tobago's lush green forests, rare bird species and historical monuments. Just make sure you pack lots of sun cream for exploring the island!

Phuket, Thailand


Average temperature in June: 29°C

Although June is during the monsoon season in Phuket, the rain over this month tends to come in short, strong showers, with the majority of the day being doused in bright sunshine. Many people think of Phuket as a party island, and whilst there is some incredible nightlife here, the region offers so much more when it comes to culture, scenery and tranquillity.

Away from the full moon parties, Phuket features some stunning hotels and resorts, which are tucked away from the main party scene. These are perfect for honeymooners and families, and feature their very own spas, stunning pools and an optional in-house chef, so that visitors will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Thailand is famous for its beautiful beaches, and Phuket is no different. With soft white sands and crystal clear waters, the island is perfect for sunseekers looking to top up their tan in style! Culture vultures will love discovering the ancient temples, Buddhas and crumbling ruins here, which serve as a wonderful reminder of how life used to be on the island, as well as incorporating ancient traditions with modern life.

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