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Best Holiday Destinations for January

Often referred to as the “Monday of months", January is quite often a grey, bleak time here in the UK. December festivities have ended and most of the population are braving the cold weather and returning to work after a week off. But elsewhere in the world the weather is HOT and the smiles are aplenty, so why not jet off on a January holiday to one of these fabulous far-flung destinations?

Dubai, UAE


Average temperature in January: 19°C

Escape the dull rainclouds of the UK and fly to the ultimate city break destination, Dubai. This UAE city is one of the most exciting places in the world, and is home to cloud-piercing skyscrapers, white sandy beaches, world-class hotels and the largest shopping mall in the world.

Dubai is literally a record-breaking city, with the tallest building in the world towering over the emirate’s downtown region. Just outside of the mighty Burj Khalifa, you’ll experience the world-famous Dubai Fountains, which are just a stone’s throw away from the Dubai Mall, where you’ll be able to shop in the hundreds of stores and boutiques you’ll find there.


If you’d prefer a more traditional shopping experience, head over to the Dubai souks. Here you’ll experience a true Arabian marketplace, with market traders selling their wares - trinkets, spices, fabrics and perfumes - just be sure to put your bartering skills to the test!

After a morning of indulging in some retail therapy, why not spend the afternoon relaxing on one of the city’s beautiful white beaches? With highs of 23°C, the temperature in Dubai throughout January is great for a stroll on the sands!

Dubai is a glittering city that’s the perfect blend of east meets west, and is the perfect destination to enjoy your January getaway.

Bali, Indonesia


Average temperature in January: 26°C

With soft white sands, crystal clear waters and breathtaking natural scenery, the tropical island of Bali is the ultimate dream holiday destination. With average temperatures of 26°C and highs touching 30°C, January is the perfect time to relax on one of Bali’s picturesque beaches and find your inner peace.


Speaking of inner peace and tranquility, Bali is also home to some of the most beautiful temples in southeast Asia. Lesser known than their Thai counterparts, the ancient architecture of these temples is awe-inspiring, and the series of traditional Hindu sanctuaries across the island are well worth a visit.


There are a wide selection of luxury resorts and hotels in Bali, many of which feature world-renowned spas and top class restaurants. Bali hospitality is famous across the world for being wonderful, and you’re bound to have your every need catered to in one of the most lavish hotels in the region.

Langkawi, Malaysia


Average temperature in January: 28°C

Langkawi is a small archipelago off the coast of Malaysia, and its close proximity to the equator means the people here enjoy year-round hot temperatures. January is one of the warmest, driest months for the islands, so the chances of getting caught in a tropical monsoon are slim during this month.

The most popular pastime for holidaymakers in Langkawi during January is relaxing on the tropical white sands on the coastline. The region’s crystal clear waters are perfect for snorkelling, and there’s a wide variety of watersports for visitors to enjoy. If you’re looking to spend the whole day on the beach, head over to Pantai Cenang, where you’ll find those tropical sands as well as a selection of bars and restaurants with live music.


If you’re looking for a unique way to view the islands’ breathtaking natural scenery, take a ride in the famous Langkawi cable car. Here you’ll be able to see the surrounding greenery and wildlife from high up in the air, which is a truly unforgettable experience.