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Best Holiday Destinations for August

August can be a busy time to travel. To get away from the crowds, long haul is a great option. For a few hours more than a regular flight, you can land in some of the most astonishing places on earth – including the Middle East, Thailand and the Caribbean.

Where should you travel to experience a taste of paradise in August? We round up three places that provide the best weather, most stunning beaches and incredible sights at this time of year.

Cairns, Australia


While most of Australia cools down considerably for winter in August, Cairns in the north enjoys year round good weather. In fact, it can get too hot during summer time so August is an ideal time to visit.

Cairns is a fun city, with a raucous nightlife and an assortment of restaurants, bars, cafes and eateries to dine at day and night. Activities are pretty much beach-related, with cruises, diving, windsurfing and water skiing criss-crossing the waterfront constantly. Of course, the Great Barrier Reef is nearby. Take time to learn how the Australian government are protecting this natural phenomena – with turtle conservation, rainforest rescue and wildlife protection all big focuses in the area.

Botswana, Africa


If you are looking to visit one African country in August, make it Botswana. Or more specifically the Okavango Delta. Although the country is landlocked, the jaw-dropping delta and desert plains more than make up for it. In fact, it’s hard to think of another country of the same size that boasts such diverse wildlife. Elephants, lions, rhino, buffalo, antelopes, giraffes, hippos and leopards all roam the vast terrains of this beautiful country.

Enjoy a luxury safari in one of the many five star lodges and camps set up around the Delta. Your every whim will be catered for, while you're enjoying the best position to see these magnificent animals close up.

Costa Rica


This little country, bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, is the place where anything goes. With their motto “pura vida” (“pure life”), Costa Ricans live life on their own terms. Enjoyment, serenity and happiness are the key ingredients in this peaceful country.

Rainforests, volcanoes, national parks, stupendous wildlife spotting, and picture perfect beaches make this a destination where we’d all love to live. In the absence of actually transplanting our home and family over there, our Costa Rican package holidays will have to suffice!