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Best Holiday Destinations for April

If you’re looking to escape drizzly April in the UK, we’ve discovered three of the best locations in the world to spend mid-Spring this year.

Of the many elements we wanted to include in our picks, we chose three places that were monsoon-free, boast incredible beaches, enjoy lots of sunshine - and of course, have incredible views.

So if you’re looking for somewhere where you can spend a week or two in paradise, being well looked after and have a chance of immersing yourself in the local culture, read on...

St Kitts

St Kitts Holiday

The Caribbean island of St Kitts has lots to offer, and out of all its neighbours, is possibly one of the most unspoilt in terms of tourism. While there are plenty of party islands nearby, St Kitts enjoys a more laidback way of life. While there's a good nightlife in certain areas, people come to the island to relax, soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the many activities and sights.

Hike up volcanoes, dive into the crystal blue waters, enjoy a catamaran cruise, take a ride on the Sugar Train, enjoy a night of cocktails on the Frigate Bay Beach and spend a day at Cockleshell Beach – this is a holiday for taking a breather, hang loose and enjoy yourself.

Make time to roam the rainforests and read up on the often grim moments in Kittitian history. This is a small island with a big story, all surrounded by a dream landscape and the warmth of its inhabitants.


Mauritius Holiday

Locals agree that April (alongside November and December) is the best month to visit the paradise island of Mauritius. The weather is dry, and although the island can experience quite fierce sunshine, April enjoys warm, comfortable weather. The ocean is wonderful to swim in too - with a temperature of around 26C.

If you want to leave the sandy beaches and palm trees for a bit, take a trip into town and enjoy the huge array of street food available. The food available on this island have Creole, Chinese, African and Indian influences and is renowned for being delicious. We recommend hiring a car and exploring the island yourself - that way, you stumble across little gems: tea plantations, Chamarel and sugar cane plantations are just some of the amazing spectacles on this unique island.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Holiday

Abu Dhabi is a city that doesn’t do things by halves. If you want excitement, adventure, great food and drink, perfect service and the wow-factor - this is the ideal holiday destination.

A trip to Abu Dhabi in April is the best time of year to go. It's warm, but not too hot to go outside. April is when you can enjoy the amazing beaches on this part of the Gulf Coast - visit later on in the year, and the heat is to ferocious to step outside.

In terms of sights, Abu Dhabi has a wide range - from the stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the iconic views at Corniche. Places to eat cover the whole globe, from Belgian beer houses to acclaimed Japanese sushi restaurants… and don’t get us started on the hotels, which seem to have re-invented luxury to make the choices of where to stay the toast of the world.