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Atlantis The Palm- In The Eyes of a Teen

Atlantis The Palm – In The Eyes of a Teen

Atlantis The Palm

The Atlantis Hotel was unreal. I can’t actually give any words to explain how amazing it was. I felt like a princess when I stayed there. It’s like living in a dream with everything you could possibly want.

It has the top restaurants including the famous Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant which he visits occasionally! However, my ultimate favourite restaurant had to be the ‘Seafire Steakhouse‘ they not only served the most amazing seafood but the most amazing steak that just completely melt in your mouth. Aside this, the hotel has a luxury spa and salon and its own shopping mall! Also it offers free attractions which other tourists outside of the Atlantis have to pay for such as ’The Lost Chamber Aquarium ‘. It was so interesting to see all the different kinds of fish, there were fish I saw which I didn’t even know existed! I got some top photos which I posted on both Snapchat and Facebook whilst I was there! It was like living in your perfect world, anything you wanted they would provide without a doubt. And the giant Aquarium too was just brill.

Atlantis The Palm

Even outside the hotel was unreal, the cars I saw I would never have thought my eyes would see, it was like I was in some kind of Hollywood movie and I loved it. I got so many pictures to show to everyone outside of this dream world. The pools were huge and I liked how there was one pool for a more adventurous day where I felt like playing either some water basket-ball or volley ball, then the other was the ‘Royal Pool’ for a more chilled day and the infinity look just made you feel as though you were ligit in paradise. The cabanas were by all of the pools and made you feel like you were VIP as you had your own private area with special beds and received special service. They have lots of bars which includes the Shisha Lounge which is very calming, but whilst my parents were in there I snook off into the R cade where there’s epic games where you can win loads of tickets and exchange them for really cool prizes, I spent most my nights either in there or the teens club. Usually I don’t enjoy going to kids clubs, but the Atlantis was different there was a teens club which made me feel more mature and had great parties with good tunes to dance to, I met some amazing people there which made my experience so much more enjoyable. The night life was good overall and there was nearly always a really good DJ playing down at ‘Nasimi beach’. Here you get a really good view of all of Dubai’s biggest sky scrapers and can take some good selfies in front of them. The water sports are definitely worth doing, if you like extreme rides I’d definitely recommend the Jet Ski’s and Fly Fish however, I also tried out some canoeing with my dad for some bonding time which I quite enjoyed. When I went I did parasailing for the first time and the feeling was just mint.

Atlantis The Palm

If you’re ever going to parasail anywhere, parasail in the Atlantis. Not only do you have the best view of the famous hotel itself but you can see nearly every building in dubai including the Burj Khalifa and Burj Arab. A go pro or water proof case is almost vital for this ride as nobody will be able to beat that amazing view. Another thing I loved was that the resort offered independence and you didn’t have to travel everywhere with your Mum and Dad like on normal holidays. Me and my sister could just hop on and off the Golf carts that were in the resort and trip to places like the water park or dolphin bay. Dolphin bay gave you an opportunity to swim with either dolphins at dolphin bay where you can swim along side the dolphins and even dance with them! If you don’t fancy swimming and playing with dolphins you can alternatively swim and play with the sea lions which is also an amazing experience. Whilst I stayed at the Atlantis some days they even let you have an actual selfie with the sea lion itself which would be something different to post on your Instagram as it’s not something you get to do every day! Finally, the fish tank is the ‘wow’ of the hotel. It is huge with so many varieties of huge fish! When I went there were people scuba diving in it which looked like a good opportunity and I wish I did it. I was lucky enough to stay in the fish tank room, so when I was sat in the bath tub I would be able to relax looking at tropical fish. It was so cool! I would visit the Atlantis time after time in a heartbeat. It’s such an amazing place which I would recommend to everyone I know.

Atlantis The Palm