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7 Destinations to Enjoy Christmas on the Beach

Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry, and what better place to do that than on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world?

If you fancy switching things up this year and indulging in Christmas abroad, here are some of our favourite destinations for enjoying the festive season on the beach.


We’ve previously discussed how Dubai is perfect for a Christmas getaway, but its close neighbour, Oman is just as suited to festive holidays. Oman’s hot desert climate means that there is sunshine all year round, along with very little rain, making it perfect for a December break.

Oman is primarily a Muslim country, but it is not uncommon to see Christmas decorations in public places around the season. The best places to celebrate Christmas in Oman are the resorts. The majority of the guests are European, meaning that Christmas is well catered to.


Jamaica features the kind of scenery that you imagine when you think about Christmas on the beach. The stunning beaches and beautiful green mountains, coupled with the temperatures in the mid 20s makes Jamaica a hard choice to beat for a Christmas spent on the beach.

One thing that gives Jamaica an edge against other destinations is the food. Jamaican food has become popular recently in the UK, but the jerk chicken found over here merely scratches the surface of some of the island’s delicacies. Traditional Christmas dinner in Jamaica consists of fresh fruit, gungo rice and peas, baked chicken and curried goat, all washed down with sorrel and rum punch.


Penang is one of the most popular islands in Malaysia and a great place to visit for a Christmas break on the beach. The island features temperatures that hover around the high 20s for most of the year and December is during the dry season, meaning that Penang is a great place to find yourself soaking up the rays on the 25th of December.

The best place in Penang to celebrate Christmas is the capital city of George Town. George Town is a very multicultural city that prides itself on catering to all needs. You will find a wide variety of restaurants in George Town serving traditional Christmas dinners as well as Malaysian delicacies.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a history of colonialism, throughout history the country has been controlled by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. This has lead to a long history of celebrating Christmas in a country where only 7% of the population are Christian. The 25th is even a public holiday in Sri Lanka!

The best reason to celebrate Christmas in Sri Lanka is the fact that it lasts longer over there. Christmas starts at the crack of dawn on the first of December with a large celebration involving firecrackers, and the energy doesn’t stop until New Year’s Day!

Sri Lanka Beaches


The southern Thai province of Krabi is pure, relaxing Thailand. The province is 200 miles south of the bright lights of Bangkok but it may as well be a million. Krabi is made up of a collection small islands and coastal resorts, giving the area a massive amount of beaches for the overall landmass of the region.

The beauty of the islands, the sea and the sands plus the mid 20s temperatures and dry season weather makes Krabi one of the best choices for a tranquil Christmas break on the beach. Christmas is a fairly low key event in Thailand, so Krabi is best for those who want to escape the commercial aspects of Christmas and relax with family.


Unlike a lot of the other places on this list, Mexico is a devoutly Catholic country, meaning that Christmas is a huge deal in the country. You will find intricate decorations, elaborate parades and family friendly fiestas all around!

One of the best places to visit for Christmas breaks in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta, which combines the traditional Mexican approach to Christmas with an incredible holiday resort. If you can tear yourself away the festivities for a moment you’ll find that December in Puerto Vallarta

averages in the mid 20s for the temperature, meaning you could work on your tan during the yule season.


Langkawi is another Malaysian resort yet it has a very distinct feel to Penang. Whereas Penang is well known beach island, Langkawi is a registered UNESCO World Geopark, meaning that it has a rich variety of foliage. Langkawi is the perfect place to enjoy a truly unique Christmas among a tropical forest, with plenty of beach opening to soak up the sun.

Christmas is a subdued affair in Langkawi, the locals do not celebrate the holiday but many of the resorts put on a celebration for the western tourists. Langkawi is perfect for someone who wants to celebrate Christmas in a relaxing, intimate setting with the ones they love.

These are by no means the only places to catch the sun on the beach for Christmas. Why not check out our website for more options?