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5 ways to save money on your long haul holiday

Plane Image: Unsplash

When it comes to going on an adventure somewhere far-flung, chances are you might be looking for ways to save a bob or two. Cheap long-haul holidays can be hard to come by, especially if you’re travelling during peak time - so finding a budget solution that both satisfies your wanderlust and doesn’t pull too hard on the purse strings can be a challenge.

In this article we’ll explore five tried and tested ways to save money on your 2018 long-haul holiday, so that you can jet off on the adventure of a lifetime - guilt free.

Flexibility is the key

If you’re looking for long haul holidays on specific dates, you could be missing out on some bargains. While we understand that you probably have a specific time of year that you want to go (the summer holidays, for example), searching for the whole month rather than just those specific dates could open you up to a plethora of cheaper flights and hotel rates.

Top Tip: If you can’t be flexible across the whole month, look at long haul holidays that depart and return on slightly different dates than those preferred - you could grab yourself an incredible deal, based on just moving things round a day or two.

Be open to flying with different airlines

We all have a favourite airline that we prefer travelling with, but committing yourself to just one airline could mean you end up paying way more for your 2018 long haul holiday than you need to. Here at Destination2, we’re committed to finding our customers the most budget-friendly way to travel, so widening your airline preferences increases the chances of being able to find the very best deal on your flights.

Signs Image: Unsplash

Be open-minded about where you go

Nobody’s expecting you to jet off somewhere you can’t stand the thought of, but a little bit of flexibility when booking your 2018 long-haul holiday could save you a bundle. For example, if a trip to Jamaica really floats your boat, but you think it could be a bit out of your price range, have a look at holidays to Barbados instead. This way, you’ll still get the Caribbean getaway of your dreams, but you could save some money along the way.

Exchange your currency before you get to the airport

Once you’ve actually booked your long haul holiday, it can be tempting to wait until you get to the departure lounge before you actually buy your currency. While this is okay in emergency situations, we strongly advise you to buy your currency before the day of your holiday. Not only will this minimise stress, but it will also most likely cost you a lot less too.

Pre-book as many attractions as possible

Whilst it’s not always possible to pre-book everything you plan to do on your long-haul holiday, it’s advisable to try and pre-book as much as you can. Many attractions offer a discount for booking online too, and you might even get a queue-jump pass.

If you’re interested in booking your 2018 long-haul holiday, why not view some of our favourite destinations? Or contact us and a member of our friendly team will be delighted to help.