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5 Tips for Taking Children on Luxury Holidays

Holiday Source: Unsplash

Thinking of booking a luxury holiday with children in mind? The good news is that you don’t have to alter your thinking too much. It might just take a bit of extra planning to find the most suitable destination for them. A luxury spot where they will be entertained, have lots to see and do, and most importantly feel safe.

While you can’t always predict how a holiday will turn out (facilities, location, activities), there is more than enough information online, including reviews of hotels and destinations to make an informed decision. Have a read of our top 5 tips for taking children on luxury holidays and get booking!

1. Do some (extra) research

This is a given with most holidays you embark on, but for children it’s definitely worth doing a little bit of extra research to make sure your luxury destination is at the very least child-friendly. Depending on the age (or ages) of your children, you will either be looking for baby-changing and creche facilities, or kids clubs, waterparks and other fun activities to do during your stay.

For the most part, you should do your research on the hotel you’re staying in and find out if there is any evening entertainment or events taking place during your stay. If this isn’t the case, you’ll have to organise your own evening entertainment, even if it means packing a few DVDs for your children to watch.

It’s also worth thinking about the surrounding area - is there much to do for children? Shopping malls, arcades and even museums are always a safe bet, but you should also think about where you might be going to eat, and if it is in walking distance of where you’re staying.

2. Get booking!

Now that you’ve done plenty of research and you have a vague idea of your luxury destination, it’s time to browse through different hotels and pin down exactly when and where you’ll be going on holiday. Now, there are two options when getting to the booking stage of a holiday involving children:

1. Let them have a say - sit down with your children (as long as they’re of the right age) and look through a few places to get their opinion on the matter. This will make them feel as if they’re having a real say in where you are going, and also get them excited for going away.

2. Keep it a surprise - alternatively, if you already know exactly where you’re going on holiday, you might want to consider keeping it a secret and doing a big reveal. We’re talking a banner, balloons and possibly even cake - this luxury holiday is a big deal, especially when you’ve booked it with them in mind.

3. Tactical packing

Now that the decision has been made, packing needs to become a priority. Once again, depending on their age or ages, you might be packing very different items. For a baby, you’ll need extra of everything. Extra clothing, extra nappies, extra towels, and most importantly extra food.

Of course there is much more, but you’ll need to be tactical if you want to fit everything into a suitcase. Perhaps do a bit more research to find out if there are any local supermarkets or how the hotel can help you with baby supplies during your stay. For children a little bit older, help them pack their favourite clothes and even treat them to a shopping spree to get new clothes in the process.


4. The journey is just as important as the destination

Once all the major packing is done, it’s time to think about the journey ahead of you. How long will it take? What airports will you be passing through? What other forms of transport will you be taking to get to your hotel? Everything needs to be considered.

It’s also worth taking time to pack the hand luggage. Take along plenty of entertainment such as:

  • iPad or tablet
  • Handheld games console
  • Their favourite books or a Kindle
  • Travel games (preferably magnetic or easy to pack away)

That also means making sure all of your electronic items have chargers, or have backup power supplies to last the full journey.

Drinks and snacks are also important to keep energy levels up.

5. You’ve arrived!

While on holiday with your children, it’s worth getting a balance between what everyone would like to do. If you’ve jotted down all the activities on offer, it’s about planning exactly when to fit everything in.

Whether it’s visiting the local waterpark, enjoying a bit of retail therapy, or simply making the most of local landmarks or places of interest, make time for each member of the family and even have at least one day where they decide what you do. Most of all, enjoy yourselves!

Start planning your luxury escape today. Contact us with any questions or queries.