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The Best Dubai Tours

For many, the appeal of Dubai is the extravagance of the city itself. People tend to be drawn to the architecture of the buildings in Dubai, instead of what is actually inside them. It makes sense then that one of the most popular activities in Dubai is touring.

Touring Dubai is a great choice for both first time and returning guests, as Dubai is a city that is constantly in a state of flux, meaning that with enough time between visits, your tours could be completely different.

There are many types of tours available in Dubai, from touring the city to adventuring through the desert. Here is our rundown of the best tours available on Dubai holidays:

Big Bus Dubai Night Tour

Dubai has one of the best modern skylines in the world. Some of the most iconic buildings of the 21st century are in Dubai. Dubai is also well know for the effort put into the lighting, such as the ones used to light up the Dubai Fountain in front of the Burj Khalifa.

A nighttime tour of Dubai is a great choice then, it allows for a great view of the skyline lit up by the amazing lighting effects that the city is known for.

This Dubai tour benefits from its night time setting as the double decker tour bus has an open top, meaning the coolness of the night is beneficially, since there will be no air conditioning.

The Dubai night tour takes three hours and passes by such famous sights as the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab, the Jumeirah Lake and others.

Also included in the nighttime tour of Dubai is a sound and light show at Wafi City. During the show you will be treated to spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa being illuminated by the lights.

Helicopter Tour of Dubai

If seeing the skyline from the ground doesn’t quite excite you, how about seeing the skyline up close and personal? Dubai tours via helicopter are available through several companies, yet most follow the same formula.

The Dubai helicopter tour takes between 15 and 25 minutes and takes passengers high in the sky for an informative yet thrilling look at the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab hotel, Palm Jumeirah Island.

A Dubai tour via helicopter is also one of the only ways to see The World. The manmade archipelago of small islands, designed to resemble a world map. The World is 2km out to sea, meaning the only other ways to really see it are via boat and the top of the higher buildings. No other option gives a clearer view than the helicopter however.

Dubai Desert Safari

If you wish to take a tour that leaves the city of Dubai behind, you could do much worse than the Dubai Desert Safari. This is an all day or overnight tour of the desert that features an adrenaline pumping main event.

The Dubai Desert Safari takes you deep into the desert Dubai sand dunes, but this is not your usual tour. Once in the dunes, your tour guide will take you ‘dune bashing.’ This is the term used for being driven around the sand dunes at high speeds by professional drivers in specially modified 4x4s. Dune bashing has been compared to riding a rollercoaster in the past.

After the dune bashing, the tour takes you to a traditional Dubai desert campsite, where the guides prepare a traditional meal for the group as well as provide entertainment. You have the option of either being taken back to your hotel or staying the night at the campsite.

Have a look at our handy Dubai Desert Safari infographic here!

A Dhow in Dubai Creek

Dhow Cruise Tours

While Dubai is certainly a fast paced city, not everyone enjoys flying in helicopters and being thrown around sand dunes. Some people prefer to take life on the slowly, more relaxed side. For those people we recommend a Dhow cruise.

Dhow is a generic name for several types of traditional long, thin sailing boats that were originally used by Middle Eastern merchants. The Dow has followed suit with the rest of Dubai and become modernised. Most now feature engines and many modern amenities and safety features. Some even feature restaurants and cocktail bars.

Dhow cruises take place in Dubai Creek, giving you a view of all of the main Dubai sites, albeit slightly further away. Dhow cruises focus more on comfort and aquatic views than close up architectural views.

Dhow cruises provide a great Dubai tour whilst simultaneously allowing tourists to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday Dubai life.