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4 Star Mykonos Holidays

Take flight to the vibrant island of Mykonos where you can party from dusk till dawn after spending the day soaking up the sun on the island’s magical beaches. Browse our superb 4-star resorts in this enchanting Mediterranean escape.

5 Star Mykonos Holidays

Discover the charming windmills of ‘Little Venice’, romantic sunsets and beautiful sandy beaches in the awe-inspiring Greek island of Mykonos. Take a look at our selection of elegant 5-star hotels where you can stay in total style and luxury.


Escape to a land where Greek mythology comes to life in the free-spirited atmosphere, in the cobalt blue of the domes and in the turning of the windmills by the mystical Meltemi winds. Nestled amongst the other heavenly Cyclades in the dazzling azure waters of the South Aegean, Mykonos offers both sun-soaked hedonism and heartfelt history. The main town of Chora is a tumbling myriad of whitewashed cubes and narrow streets, where bougainvillea falls over sapphire staircases in fringes of breath-taking fuschia. Paradise beach is located on the South of the island, and features beach clubs and bars spilling out onto pristine white sands, whereas Fokos beach in the remote North East offers the exact opposite, a sweeping, unspoilt stretch of glorious golden sands, with a humble and authentic taverna.

Beach Holidays in Mykonos

The marvellous island of Mykonos, with its fabulous beaches, romantic sunsets and fantastic nightlife, is a dream come true for anyone craving a magical holiday in a paradise setting.

There’s something for everyone on Mykonos, whether you desire a relaxing time sunbathing on the beach and sipping cocktails in the evening, or you want a more lively experience, enjoying some thrilling water sports action in the day and partying until the early hours when the sun goes down.

Psarou is probably the trendiest beach in Mykonos and attracts many international celebrities who moor their luxury yachts there. The beautiful crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming, diving and snorkelling. Water sports are also very popular on this delightful sandy beach.

Super Paradise near Mykonos Town is a party beach where there's plenty of loud music, so it's not ideal for anyone wanting a quiet and relaxing time catching some rays. The sea is calm here, making it popular for water sports and families with children.

Kalafatis beach is a popular choice with families and you'll also find plenty of windsurfers here. It is less crowded and quieter than some of the other sandy expanses on the island.

Megali Ammos Beach is a real favourite with windsurfers as it gets quite gusty, while Platis Gialos Beach is an excellent choice for those who want to relax by calm waters on the golden sands.

Naturists will find some beaches in Mykonos where clothing is optional. There are no official nude beaches but several have designated areas where you can get an all-over tan. These include Elia, Paraga, Panormos and Kepari.

A superb family-friendly beach is Ornos near Chora where you'll find wonderful golden sands and excellent beachfront restaurants and snack bars for a bite to eat and drink.

If you want to escape the crowds and enjoy a relaxing time in a secluded location, then Agios Sostis is a great choice. There's nothing there but golden sands, calm clear waters and idyllic surroundings.

Events and Festivals in Mykonos

Mykonos Summer Festival

This annual festival is in keeping with the island's reputation for vibrant nightlife and a lively atmosphere. The festival includes a host of exciting events including theatrical performances, art exhibitions and open-air concerts. It is attended by artists from around the world.

The descent of Virgin Mary’s icon

This religious procession on the first Saturday of Lent sees the carrying of the icon of the Virgin Mary from the Monastery of Tourliani to Chora.

Mykonos Biennale

This takes place in the first week of September and brings summer to a close with a packed programme of dance, drama, music and film at many venues across Mykonos.


This festival takes place on Epiphany day on January 6 to celebrate the start of the nautical period. It begins when the waters have been blessed by the throwing of a cross into the sea, and includes music and celebration.

Harvest Festival

This is a delightful family event held in the middle of September which involves the celebration of local arts, crafts, customs and foods.

What to eat in Mykonos

Mykanos has its own local delicacies and traditional tasty treats that are certainly worth sampling during your holiday on the island.

Kremidopita is a delicious onion pie made with filo pastry and creamy tirovolia cheese. Various herbs and spices including dill are added to further enhance the flavour.

Louza is made of prime local pork which is dried out and ‘fired’ under the sun before being prepared with salt, pepper, and a range of spices.

Mykonos sausages are considered something of a delicacy. They are made from lean pork, flavoured with salt, pepper and oregano and are then left out to dry.

Kopanisti is a wonderful creamy cheese product made with cow’s milk and served on fresh bread with olive oil and tomatoes.

Amygdalota are traditional almond cookies which should be accompanied by soumada, an almond and rosewater flavoured non-alcoholic drink.

You'll discover many excellent restaurants and tavernas during a holiday in Mykonos - among those which are highly regarded are Eva’s Garden in Mykonos Town, Hippie Fish at Agios Ioannis, Salparo in Chora and Niko's Tavern at Agia Moni in Mykonos Town.

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