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Last Minute Long Haul Holidays

If you’ve always imagined jetting off somewhere exotic, you can make that dream a reality with our range of last minute luxury holidays. There’s something really special about going on a far-flung getaway at the last minute, so feed the adventurer within and return feeling refreshed, rejuvenated… and full of fascinating stories.

We have a wide selection of luxury hotels to suit all needs and budgets, so find your perfect last minute escape today.

Last Minute Luxury Holidays to Dubai

Experience the ultimate city break with one of our last minute long haul holidays to Dubai. Once just a playground for the rich and famous, this magnificent metropolis of the Middle East is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Whether you’re looking to spend your days relaxing on pristine white beach, indulging in a spot of retail therapy or quad-biking in the desert - Dubai really does have it all.

Last Minute Luxury Holidays to the Maldives

When it comes to postcard-perfect beaches, nowhere quite matches up to the Maldives. This archipelago scattered across the Indian Ocean features some of the most extravagant resorts in the world, and is frequented by celebrities. What’s more, last minute luxury holidays to the Maldives are a snorkeler’s paradise, with crystal clear waters and an abundance of colourful marine life beneath the waves.

Book your stay in the Maldives with Destination2 and experience the ultimate beach break - without the celebrity price tag.

Last Minute Luxury Holidays to the Caribbean

Have you ever dreamed of sipping a rum cocktail on those famous Caribbean shores? Browse our range of last minute long haul holidays to the Caribbean and experience that laid-back West Indies lifestyle - swim with turtles in the Bahamas, relax on the pink-tinged sands of Barbados or listen to reggae beats in a Jamaican beach bar.

No matter which Caribbean island you choose, we can guarantee you’ll fall in love with this beautiful part of the world.

Last Minute Luxury Holidays in Europe

For a luxury last-minute holiday that will exceed all your expectations, look no further than the sun-drenched shores of Europe. With sensational short-haul destinations including Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta and Croatia, you’ll be stretched out poolside in no time at all. A host of exceptional hotels and resorts await, with luxury options for families, friends, couples or solo travellers. Take your pick and get packing for a heavenly last-minute holiday in Europe.

Last Minute Luxury Holidays to Thailand

Last minute long haul holidays to Thailand are the ideal blend of perfect beaches, exotic far-eastern culture and a history that dates back thousands of years. Spend your days soaking up the glorious Asian sunshine on a pristine coastline, explore crumbling ancient temples or try some of the world-famous Thai cuisine.

One thing’s for sure, if you travel to the fascinating country of Thailand, and you’ll come back a storyteller.

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