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Beijing has many identities. It is the political and industrial hub of China, but it’s also the city where world famous music is produced, operas are performed, live music is played and the streets are alive with countless nationalities cooking food, selling handmade goods, and living side by side.

The city has fast become a popular tourist destination, hotels in Beijing are popping up all over town and more and more people are experiencing this 21st century China.

Day and night, the finest street food is being served up, accompanied with cold beers, while travellers make plans for the next adventure. No matter where you explore, there will be a new dish to try, something beautiful to photograph and new people to talk to.


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Beijing Highlights

The energy of Beijing will whet your appetite for adventure. It’s a city that needs to be explored. Visit the Forbidden City, take a night–time bike ride around the streets, scale the Great Wall and make sure you try as much of the local cuisine as possible.

The huge skyscrapers of downtown Beijing, the network of hútòng – the ancient alleyways that criss–cross the city, the Buddhist temples, the six UNESCO World Heritage sites, the teeming markets, the lakes busy with pedalos and boats – holidays to Beijing provide an inexhaustible supply of things to see and do. And when you need a rest, just simply sit down with a snack and a cold drink and watch the world go by.

An assault on the senses, this city is an unforgettable experience for every traveller who walks its streets.

Beijing Weather

If you’re wondering when the best time is to visit Beijing, it might be worth considering that every season has its benefits. Prepare for a summer visit – anywhere between June and August – to be hot and humid.

The average temperature for summer is 30°C. Spring and autumn are more comfortable and cooler, while winter is usually cold, with occasional snow, and can go down to 3°C.